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Saudi Crown Prince Receives CIA Honor For Anti-Terror Efforts


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif, deputy premier and minister of interior, has been awarded a CIA honor in recognition of his efforts to fight terrorism.

The crown prince was awarded the “George Tenet” medal by CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who arrived to Riyadh late Friday.

It was granted in recognition of distinguished intelligence work in the fight against terrorism and the crown prince’s contributions toward security and peace.

In a statement issued on the occasion, the crown prince said the award represents international recognition of the Kingdom’s anti terrorism efforts under the directives of King Salman.

He also recognized the efforts of the brave Saudi men and women of the different security agencies and the cooperation of the Saudi public in addressing the terror epidemic.

“The Kingdom has been keen to combat terrorism based on its conviction that terrorism has no identity and no religion, and from its belief that the terrorists are committing these acts stemming from their deviant ideologies and evil thought. All negative religious, political and social ideologies that use religion as a tool throughout human history, do not reflect the absolute truth about religion,” the crown prince said.

He stressed that Saudi Arabia will spare no efforts in fighting terrorism, adding that the Kingdom has succeeded in thwarting several terror plots including some targeting other friendly countries.

“Combating terrorism requires a joint international effort at all levels; financially, intellectually, militarily and through the media. This should be coordinated and conducted in accordance with the UN’s covenants and laws including particularly the principle of sovereign equality,” he said.

Commenting on Saudi-US ties, the crown prince described them as “strong and historic,” adding that the two sides will not allow anything or anyone to come between them or cause damage to those ties.

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2 thoughts on “Saudi Crown Prince Receives CIA Honor For Anti-Terror Efforts

  • February 11, 2017 at 3:02 pm

    A award to a terrorist state !!By a terrorist state !! One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter !!

  • February 12, 2017 at 1:54 am

    Is it not funny that Wahabism, which is the main brand of Islam in Saudi Arabia, is the ideology of ISIS, Alqaeda, Taliban, Bukuharam…? Did anyone know that the religious authority in Saudi Arabia produces their school books that openly call for annihilation of all Christian and Jews of the world? The same idea is taught in places run by the said terrorist groups.
    As for Iran, no one has ever seen a single Iranian committing any sort of terrorist act any where in the world. Why? Because they have the highest level of educated class in the West of Asia. Not only that, the Iranian diaspora communities in the West are among the most successful communities in many respects. As just a single example, just see how many of them are working in NASA. Then, to see Iranians being banned from coming to the U.S while an award is given to a Saudi crown prince is quite bizarre and disturbing. The fact, however, remains that the ruling regime in Iran is governed by a brand of ideology that compels it to support Hezbollah of Lebanon and Hamas of Gaza, which are categorized by the U.S as terrorists groups. Both those groups are seen as heroes by their nations. But the point is that Hezbollah was born when Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 to drive out Yaser Arafat, and with the support of the western powers, Israel could have occupied a large part of Lebanon for good. The truth is tat Hezbollah carried out suicidal attacks that killed many American and French military servicemen, who were supposedly keeping the peace between Israel and Lebanon. The fact is that Western powers have always sided with Israel no matter what, they could never have been neutral in Lebanon. What Hezbollah did came out of desperation demanded by desperate situation , but it is now an official part of governance in Lebanon. It would also be useful to remember that two of the to be prime-ministers of Israel (Menakhim Begin and Itzaq Shamir) were organizers of terrorist groups that kill many Palestinians and drove hundreds of thousands of them out of their homeland.


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