Iran Says Ready For Nuclear Talks Based On “Respect”


Iran says it is prepared to resume nuclear talks with Europe, so long as the renewed co-operation is based on “respect for the rights of all nations” and “avoids any pressures.”

Iranian media report that Iran’s stance is contained in a letter to the EU from Saeed Jalili, the head of the Supreme National Security Council. It’s in response to a letter from Catherine Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief, who has represented the G5+1 in previous nuclear talks.

“The redundant persistence of some states to promote inequitable relations in the world and to oppose the demands of the nations, along with their support of oppressive rulers, can no longer continue,” Jalili writes. “The will of the national will overtake the oppressive relationships in the international order.”

Jalili reiterated his support for the Islamic Republic’s earlier proposals to the UN, writing: “The developments of recent months reveal that the proposal package sent three years ago by Iran was based on a correct evaluation of reality.”

Iran last held nuclear talks with the G5+1 in February, during a two-day meeting in Istanbul. The talks ended with no clear resolution, and afterward Ashton expressed disappointment that Iran had rejected all proposals.

On Monday, in an official visit to Istanbul, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad referred to the nuclear talks, saying: “We welcome the resumption of talks with G5+1 and we have always been ready for talks, but negotiations must always be in the framework of justice, respect and mutual cooperation.”

Analysts have interpreted terms like “no pressure” and “just” to mean that Iran is not willing to back down on its enrichment program, which it sees as a sovereign right.

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