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Europe Scoffs At Albania: Only Way Is Political Party With National Platform – OpEd


Edi Rama was very honest when years ago he launched his so called platform ‘beyond the left and the right’.  In Albania many years have gone by without noticing an ideological, theoretical and practical division.  Even worst, the programs of each political party are a boring concoction of cocktail drinks that are made out of particles coming from the left and right.

This happens because Albania lacks a genuine political class, with a sovereign decision making process, its leadership works as a colony, as an international protectorate club.  The statements, ultimatums and the arrogant attitude of foreign ambassadors slated in Tirana, as well as the objectives of Albanian political parties “to enter in Europe” are the only visible tips of a large iceberg recognized from far away.

If we are looking for Albania’s national platform, that concept cannot be found in the current national constitution and in its independent institutions, let alone in the programs drafted by its large political parties that pretend to be leaning towards the “right,” “traditional,” “national” and many other schisms alike.

Albania’s politics of transition is generally a system of malice, where its butchers are literally the extended chords of orders that come from empire – like politics, from across the ocean and the Mediterranean.  Whatever comes from abroad is considered to be the law, even when advice comes from ambassadors that represent countries ranked at the same level as Albania (or even worst); as we have heard the latest statements made by the E.U. Ambassador Romana Vlahutin, lecturing to Albanian politicians from Korça.

IMF, the World Bank, European Union, OSCE, WTO and other similar Organizations are considered to be a Goddess by Tirana’s incumbent brigadiers who are pillaging, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. It is sad to acknowledge that a so – called rotation of our rulers is decided abroad. We always see in the media a series of ambassadors who endorse a particular candidate and so forth.

And the Judicial Reform process? This initiative was made possible by the United States Ambassador, E.U. Ambassador, George Soros, Commission of Venice, we even remember that such a campaign had even entailed an ultimatum; “you either approve the judicial reform or!…”

Today Albania is situated at this point; without sovereignty, without a national platform, without a representation of interest groups in Albania; the country is going through a terrible demise of national identity.

It is not rhetoric; first of all let’s remember the ongoing damaging consequences faced by the  Albanian language, poor education policy, culture, abandoned cultural monuments a ruined national identity, environment, natural wealth and the most important; THE ALBANIAN CITIZEN! In the 1990s, one third of the population inside the territory of Albania has immigrated towards the West.  The remainder of Albania’s population aspires to leave their homeland and move abroad.

In 2014-2015 tens of thousands of Albanians packed up their clothing and moved to Germany, and now they have become the largest asylum seeking immigration group in France.  Indeed, Albanians are massively filing visa applications and doing their best to win a US Diversity Visa in hopes to leave Tirana soonest because…


Already there is neither a dilemma nor a significant hope.  For many years we have voted for ‘the least evil’ in hopes that God and the West would make this country a suitable place to live.

Edi Rama’s Renaissance politics while in harmony with the opposition party led by Lulzim Basha have turned it into a gate of hell where the following text is written: “all of you entering here, must leave behind every hope.”

Time has clearly showed that European Union has its own agenda, there are many bureaucrats paid with large salaries that are beyond comprehension to Albania’s poor, so many bureaucrats that have never raised their voice for the benefit of seven million poor Albanians who are living, in terrible conditions, in the Balkans and beyond.

Especially when all of this human potential is obedient just like sheep standing behind their shepherd who has been designated by foreign emissaries to keep his flock inside his farm, squeeze every drop of their milk and then send them at the nearest butcher shop without tumbling his eye brows.

Today is the most suitable time to see the surfacing of a few political parties that have a patriotic platform, with a national ideology and Albanian identity.  As we Albanians become a factor we could be inspired to positively move forward. If we continue to maintain the sheep’s role, one day we will even run out of grass.

Source: , Translation from Albanian language: Peter Tase … views expressed are the author’s own.

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