Iran To Start Producing Gas From South Pars Phase 11 In Two Months


The Iranian Oil Minister said the country will start producing gas from Phase 11 of South Pars gas field within the next two months. 

Speaking on the sidelines of the ceremony of construction operation of Torbat-e Jam 16-Inch Gas Transmission Line on Saturday, Javad Owji stated that two gas pipelines will be constructed towards northeastern part of the country.

Saying that no practical step had been taken over the past 20 years in Phase 11 of the South Pars gas field, the oil minister added that Phase 11 will be put into operation after the relocation of the platform of Phase 12 and drilling of a well in Phase 11. 

Elsewhere in his remarks, Owji pointed to the agreement concluded with China and noted that his ministry has concluded contracts and agreements with Chinese companies, the implementation of which will serve the interests of the two countries.

Tasnim News Agency

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