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Balqees Copies Madonna For Album Cover; Sets Twitter Abuzz


Arab star Balqees Fathi has posted the cover of her new album “Arahemkom” on Twitter.

In the photo, the Emirati-Yemeni singer sports blonde hair and is dressed in white and black, wearing boxing gloves with the word “Becky” engraved on them.

Soon, however, Twitter was abuzz with users and fans accusing Fathi of imitating American pop star Madonna, who had appeared in a similar look in the past.

“Becky is known as a basic white girl with blonde hair, I don’t know is Balqees the white girl? Or is she going to kill that white woman?” wrote one user.

“Becky” is a pejorative used to describe Caucasian women, white Americans or white people in general.

Mohammed Sayegh shot the photo cover.

The controversy notwithstanding, the album announcement has created considerable excitement among the singer’s fans.

“@BalqeesFathi we are so happy and excited for your album, you slay, keep shining,” wrote one.

Fathi’s latest album comprises 12 melodies in Yemeni, Iraqi and Lebanese dialects, in addition to classical Arabic.

The album is produced by Fathi herself and will be released on YouTube later this month.

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