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Yasin Malik: Kashmiri Terrorist, Murderer, A Hero? – OpEd


He has been put to trial after 30 long years and pleaded guilty to all the charges.

Yasin Malik, a pro-Pakistan separatist leader and the former president of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), has been responsible for terror and funding in Kashmir. Yasin Malik crossed over to POK to receive training at camps situated there. Yasin Malik a gun wielding terrorist, returned to the Kashmir Valley in 1989 as a core member of the JKLF, declaring his goal as the independence for the entirety of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. In August 1990, Yasin Malik was captured in a wounded condition and was imprisoned until May 1994.


He is also accused of the murder of four Air Force officers in January 1990. Sqn Ldr Ravi Khanna was one of the four Indian Air Force personnel was killed by Yasin Mallik along with other JKLF terrorists in cold blood while they waited for their office bus.  Sqn Ldr Ravi Khanna had 25 bullets pumped into his body and the scene was witnessed by his wife from the house. He is also allegedly responsible for kidnapping former Chief Minister and later Home Minister Mufti Sayeed’s daughter Rubaiya Saeed.  Malik renounced violence in 1994 and adopted peaceful methods to come to a settlement on the Kashmir conflict.  

Taking advantage of political instability in the state, many terrorists simply reinvented themselves as politicians. Yasin Malik did this very efficiently, escaping the clutches of the law for a long time.Some of the Indian ‘secular-liberal’ intelligentsia, media has time and again attempted to whitewash the crimes committed by Yasin Malik by often considering him to be a legitimate stakeholder in the Kashmir peace process. This can only happen in the Indian democracy wherein he is put to trial after 3o long years and he has pleaded guilty to all the charges! In the world over ‘Islamophobia’ or the Muslim minority card is in fashion to be played often and in India the latest threat to them is from Modi’s Hindutva!

Yasin Malik a VIP Terrorist:

In 2006, the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had invited JKLF Chairman Yasin Malik to a meeting in his official residence in New Delhi. 

Yasin Malik has had one-on-one meetings with President of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan and other world leaders. 

In 2007, Malik and his party launched a campaign known as Safar-i-Azadi (Journey of Freedom). His journeys to meet some select world leaders was to create an atmosphere of anti-Indian sentiment among the public; which had lasted for over one year. During this time Yasin Malik and his colleagues visited about 3,500 towns and villages of Kashmir promoting an anti-Indian stance. 


In 2008, the India Today group had not only invited terrorist Yasin Malik to its conclave but also sold him to the public as a “Youth Icon”. It provided a terrorist a platform to further his anti-India separatist propaganda live on television. No nationalist bothered to stop Yasin Malik from his anti-India propaganda. Did India Today, its head Aroon Purie pause to think about Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna, the brave jawans and their families who lay down their lives just to protect us? 

The foreign press on matters Kashmir has always been critical of the Indian stand and is guilty of making terrorist Yasin Malik a ‘Hero’. On BBC’s one such interview Yasin Malik confessed of having killed Justice Ganjoo who had delivered a death sentence to terrorist Maqbool Bhat.

Yasin Malik has undergone two by-pass heart surgeries in the US and later admitted to the AIIMS for kidney related problems. A terrorist,murderer getting VIP medical treatment for saving!

In February 2013, Yasin Malik shared the dais with the banned Lashker-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Saeed at a protest in Islamabad. 

Mushaal Hussein Malik, the Pakistani wife of Yasin Malik calls herself the Proud Wife of Yasin Malik and and she is more than 20 years younger than him.. is working to promote Pakistan’s agenda against India to demean India at every level. She has 80,000 followers and is only trying to convince people through her account that Muslims are being massacred in India. She has been tweeting that the Kashmiri Muslims are being harassed and that the women are being raped. His daughter Raziyah Sultana is presently residing in Pakistan. 

Yasin Malik and the other separatists in the Valley have been accused of diverting funds for buying properties. He has 12 properties in Srinagar.

Only in our country (India) will a known terrorist and cold-blooded murderer be given a platform to air his views in the name of democracy and tolerating all shades of opinion in the cover of freedom of speech. Indian democracy surely provides space for everyone to form their own opinions and freely express them. However, a line has to be drawn somewhere.

After release from prison on bail in May 1994, Yasin Malik declared an indefinite ceasefire of the JKLF. Malik renounced violence and adopted a non-violent struggle for independence. He expressed a desire for a “democratic approach” involving the “true representatives” of Jammu and Kashmir. He offered political negotiations, but insisted they must be tripartite with both Indian and Pakistani governments and should cover the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Yasin Malik’s peaceful struggle was unacceptable to the leadership of JKLF in POK. At the end of 1995, Amanmullah Khan, the founder of JKLF, removed Malik as the president of JKLF. In return, Malik expelled Khan from the chairmanship. Thus JKLF had split into two factions. However, the Pakistan government recognised Yasin Malik as the leader of JKLF. Pakistan is said to have ceased its financial support to the JKLF because the JKLF did not support Kashmir’s integration with Pakistan.

 “Despite being a terrorist and his involvement in the genocide of Kashmiris in the valley, the erstwhile governments and the left-liberal media have often tried to portray Yasin Malik as a Peace Icon of the Kashmiris.”A known Pakistani sympathizer.Finally this separatist leader on 3 May 2022 pleaded guilty to all charges, including those under the stringent Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), before a Delhi court in a case related to alleged terrorism and secessionist activities that disturbed the Valley in 2017. On May 19 the arguments regarding quantum of sentence for offences leveled against Malik, in which the maximum punishment is life imprisonment. The families who have suffered for 30 long years waiting for justice would possibly be wishing that he be hung from the gallows on the spot where he and his JKLF cadres shot the four Indian Air Force personnel in cold blood point blank range. Finally the law has caught up with Malik and it is time he pays for his sins.

Whatever punishment is melted to him by the court Islamophobia card and Modi’s Hindutva will come into play in Srinagar and other Muslim dominated areas.


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Patial RC

Patial RC is a retired Infantry officer of the Indian Army and possesses unique experience of serving in active CI Ops across the country and in Sri Lanka. Patial RC is a regular writer on military and travel matters in military professional journals. The veteran is a keen mountaineer and a trekker.

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