August Meteor Shower To Reach Peak On Sunday


The 2012 Perseid meteor shower will reach its maximum activity on Sunday evening, the International Meteor Organization (IMO) said on its website.

Up to 100 “falling stars” an hour will appear in the sky in that period. Small meteors enter the earth’s atmosphere at a speed of some 20 km per second at a height of about 130 km and burn fast leaving a beautiful bright trail in the sky.

“The typical maximum of the Perseids falls into a period between 12h and 14h30m UT on August 12, 2012,” the IMO wrote.

“The shower’s radiant is usefully observable from 22h-23h local time onwards, gaining altitude throughout the night. All forms of observing can be carried out on the shower, though unfortunately, it cannot be usefully observed from most of the southern hemisphere,” it said.

Ria Novosti

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