Ron Paul Discusses Evangelical Zionists’ Support For US Wars – OpEd


Ron Paul, the former United States presidential candidate and Republican House of Representatives member from Texas, discussed in an August 8 radio interview evangelical Zionists who support the US government’s wars overseas. Paul examines the matter with Patriot’s Lament show host Joshua Bennett on KFAR radio of Fairbanks, Alaska.

Asked by Bennett why so many religious people in America are pro-war, Paul responds that, while the reasons vary from one person to the next, evangelical Zionism, which is taught by preachers at some churches, “has a lot to do with it.” Paul continues that the use of Christianity to support preventative or preemptive wars is “a gross distortion” of what Paul believes “the Christian faith is all about.” Paul explains in the interview that he sees Jesus as “the Prince of Peace.”

Also discussed in the 24-minute interview are Paul’s new book Swords into Plowshares — in which Paul writes extensively regarding the relationship among religion, war, and peace — as well as three projects Paul has undertaken since leaving the House in January of 2013 — the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, the Ron Paul Liberty Report, and the Ron Paul Curriculum.

Listen to Paul’s complete interview here.

Ron Paul Institute Executive Director Daniel McAdams and Senior Fellow Adam Dick have also been guests on the KFAR radio show.

Listen to McAdams’ interview here.

Listen to Dick’s interview here.

This article was published by the RonPaul Institute.

Adam Dick

Adam Dick is a Senior Fellow at Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

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