Somalia: Two Men Executed In Galkayo


By A. Y. Mohamed

Two men were executed in Galkayo, the regional capital of Mudug region in central Somalia, by the Puntland autonomous administration, according to officials Sunday.

The two men were blamed for the killing of a soldier from the Puntland administration two days prior to their executions.

The chairman of the first level court for Mudug province and the police commander of the region were present at execution scene.

The police chief of Mudug region Colonel Abdirashid, told media that the two executed men were behind the killing of administrative soldiers in the same area one night ago.

He added that they deserved to be executed in front of the people.

The family of the dead soldier and hundreds of people were present at the executions.

Colonel Abdirashid called on the people in the town to partake in peace activities and seek the stability of the region.

Relatedly, three people were killed in an explosion in a home in Galkayo, witnesses confirmed to reporters on Sunday.

Two innocent civilians were also injured in the blast, which could be heard throughout the town. Witnesses said the detonation killed three people, including two of them who were planting the bomb when it went off near a home in the town.

Local news says that the explosion ruined the house. No group has claimed the responsibility of the bomb blast.

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