Colombia: Terrorists Kidnap Mayor’s 10-Year Old Daughter


The kidnapping of the 10-year-old daughter of a mayor in Colombia is just the latest incident of crime and violence perpetrated by members left-wing terrorist group attempting garner votes for their candidates in elections through the use of intimidation and threats.

Ten-year old Nhora Valentina Muñoz was abducted and forced into an automobile while she walked to school on September 30.

The kidnapping of the child is believed to be the latest terror operation by FARC. A source within a U.S. drug enforcement agency tells the Law Enforcement Examiner that elections in Colombia do bring an increase in violence by radical groups such as the Marxist organization FARC and other armed groups who fight on behalf of politicians who will protect their narco-terrorist activities.

The girl’s father, Jorge Enrique Muñoz Calvo, is the mayor of Arauca, which is near the Venezuelan border.

So far in the current election cycle six candidates and one government employee have been kidnapped, and eleven candidates have been threatened. FARC recently murdered a judge, as well. Across the country more than two dozen candidates have been killed in the past five months.

FARC, a leftist rebel army that claims to be fighting against Colombia’s elite ruling class, has traditionally funded its operations through drugs and kidnappings. It has been at war with the government since the 1960s.

Last week, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) — designated a terrorist group by the U.S. State and Treasury Departments — launched two other attacks in Caqueta in the southern part of the country, killing one person, wounding four others and setting six vehicles on fire.

Officials believe that FARC’s attacks were aimed at distracting crackdown operations against them in areas near Venezuelan borders.

Recent attacks by the FARC terrorists indicate the rebel group is still a threat, U.S. ambassador in Bogota Michael Mckinley said.

Besides being a Marxist revolutionary group, FARC is a leading drug trafficking gang with ties to the Colombian drug cartels.

The attacks also signaled FARC’s attempt to demonstrate strength as the rebel group believes they were the only way to react to Colombia’s counter-terrorism operations.

Ambassador McKinley stated that he was particularly concerned over the situation in the southern province of Cauca, where the FARC struck in Toribio, Corintio and Caldono over the weekend, leaving 6 dead, 70 others wounded and about 500 homes destroyed.

Colombian Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera said the attacks was a FARC strategy to disrupt the army’s manhunt for Alfonso Cano, FARC’s top leader.

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