Syria: Opposition Refuses Any Dialogue With Assad


The opposition Syrian National Council will not hold talks with al Assad regime, its head, Burhan Ghalyoun, said on Tuesday. “No negotiations with Bashar Assad, no agreement with the despotic regime in any form,” he said in an interview with Lebanese television.

“He is a criminal. He is responsible for issuing orders to kill and arrest thousands of Syrians,” Ghalyoun stated, referring to President al Assad. “That’s enough blood, enough crime – spare your people,” he said.

In its struggle for freedom and democracy the Syrian opposition “will not ask NATO for military assistance,” Ghalyoun said.

Meanwhile, China’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday urged al Assad to implement reforms. Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said Damascus should more swiftly honor its promises of democratic reforms.

“We believe the Syrian government should more rapidly implement their promises of reform, begin and advance as soon as possible a process that is more lenient and inclusive to all parties … and through dialogue appropriately resolve issues,” Liu said, according to Reuters.

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