Syria Says Suspension From Arab League “Illegal”


Syria’s representative at the Arab League, Ambassador Yousef Ahmad, on Saturday said that the decision to suspend Syria’s membership is “illegal and violates the Arab League’s charter and internal regulations.”

He said that this decision is a “eulogy for Arab common action” and a blatant announcement that its administration is subordinate to US-western agendas.

Earlier on Saturday, the Arab League Council on Ministerial Level suspended the participation of Syria’s delegation in its meetings.

During the extraordinary meeting on the level of foreign ministers held on Saturday at the Arab League headquarters to discuss developments in Syria, Ahmad stressed that armed groups, the opposition abroad and all the various forces that seek to escalate the situation in Syria are obligated to discard and surrender weapons, cease all acts of violence, comply with the Arab plan, accept national dialogue, and put an end to instigator and negative stances and statements.

According to him, hostile atmospheres, blatant political instigation and media attacks are still taking place with the aim of escalating the situation inside Syria and urge opposition abroad and armed groups in Syria to not cooperate with calming efforts and foil any positive Arab role.

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