Syria: At Least 118 Killed In Fighting Sunday


At least 118 Syrians were killed Sunday in fighting, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). The The dead include 42 civilians, 25 rebel soldiers and 29 regular soldiers.

SOHR noted that 22 people were killed as rebels bombed, with rockets and mortars, the only regime controlled neighborhood in the town of Harem, Reef Idlib.

According to SOHR, five civilians were killed in Idlib 5 civilians were killed, including three civilians who were killed by ‘unknown gunmen’ when their minibus was shot.


Fighting also continued in Damascus where eight civilians were killed in fighting between government and rebel forces.

In Reef Dimashq, where 12 civilians were killed, SOHR noted that a woman was killed at a military checkpoint in Bebila. Two other men were killed at a checkpoint on the road to the airport.

In Aleppo, snipers are taking a toll on civilians, where three men were killed by government snipers.

According to SOHR, 25 Rebel fighters and 29 government soldiers were killed on Sunday.

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