Sabahudin Hadžialić Represents Bosnia And Herzegovina At Festival In Turkey


The Festival Mediterranean Cities Art this year will be held for the second time in five cities (Mersin, Antakya, Adana, Antalya and Tarsus) in the Republic of Turkey for which the Chairman of the ASO Executive Committee (Mediterranean Art Creations) Ahmet Eroğlu stated at a recent press conference held in Mersin that the slogan of this year’s Festival is: “A different world is always possible”.

All activities in Mersin will be held in three locations: İçel Art Club, Cultural Center and Yenişehir Municipal Solemn Hall. With domestic poets and writers such as Sabahattin Yalkin, Ali. F. Bilir and others, almost up to forty authors from all around Turkey, the guests are poets and writers from Cyprus – Androulla Shati, Greece – Christos Koukis, as well as a Bosnian-Herzegovinian writer and professor from Sarajevo, Sabahudin Hadžialic, a distinguished poet and writer.

Together with the presentation of poetry published in Turkey a few years ago, and also of the English translation of the poetry within his latest poetry book, published in the United States on March 2017. in the book “Devil’s playground“, (Publisher Transcedent Zero Press, Editor Dustin Pickering), Sabahudin Hadžialic will also host the art-panel “The World as Global Sin: The Art for Communication”.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Sabahudin Hadžialić is a member of the Association of Writers of BiH, the Society of Croatian Writers of Herceg-Bosna, the Association of Serbian Writers and the Association of Montenegrin Writers, as well as the Association of Independent Intellectuals “Circle 99” and he is the only living author of the of the former Yugoslavia as the member of those associations, and not as a reflection of national identity, but merely as a writer who unifies the differences (advocating the multi-identity of these areas).

Hadžialić is one of the signatories of the Joint Language Declaration of 2017 within the area of former Yugoslavia on the territory of former Yugoslavia. He is the lecturer at the Faculty of Media and Communications at the International University of Travnik (I, II and III cycle), at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the UNINETTUNO University (II cycle) in Rome, Italy and at the Kaunas Faculty, Vilnius University (II cycle) from Lithuania.

Source: DIOGEN pro Kultura Magazine

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