Cuba: Elections To Bring First Leader Not From Castro Family Since Revolution


Cuba has held historic legislative elections to choose lawmakers that will in turn elect President Raul Castro’s successor, who will be the country’s first leader from outside of the Castro family since the Cuban Revolution in the 1960s.

Some eight million eligible voters voted to choose 605 deputies of the National Assembly and 1,265 delegates to regional assemblies.

“Most of our deputies and delegates are young and are going to be the country’s leaders. It can help sustain the revolution,” said one voter, Julio Omar Prieto Garcia.

“The deputies and delegates are all prepared and possess higher degrees, so they know how to do their jobs. They have our approval,” said another, Gretchell Gonzalez.

President Castro, 86, was the first person to cast his vote on Sunday at a polling station in Segunda Frente, a town in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba.

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