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Yemen: Rival Forces Clash In Capital


Yemeni security forces and opposition protesters have clashed in at least two cities as thousands of people are rallying to demand the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.


At least two people were killed in the capital, Sana’a, on Wednesday.


Witnesses say forces loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh traded fire with a military unit led by Ali Mohsen, an army general who recently split from the president.

Mohsen’s unit was manning a military checkpoint set up on a road leading to a main protest area.

Meanwhile in the southern port town of Aden, witnesses and medical officials say at least one person was killed and several injured when security forces opened fire at anti-government protesters. Officials say the protesters were throwing rocks at police as they attempted to remove roadblocks in the city.

Clashes between Yemeni security forces and opposition activists have killed more than 100 people since the protests began two months ago.


The anti-government protests across Yemen on Wednesday are taking place after opposition leaders rejected a proposal from the Gulf Cooperation Council that called for President Saleh to transfer powers to a vice president.

The opposition said it turned down the plan because it protected the president and his family from prosecution and did not specify when he would step down.

President Saleh had indicated he was willing to accept the offer. He had previously offered to end his 32-year rule, but only after new elections are held.


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