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More MeToo Madness: Kavanaugh A Threat To Students – OpEd


By Kelli Ballard*

Brett Kavanaugh is in the news again, this time because students at a Virginia college say their mental health is in jeopardy. The Supreme Court justice has been hired to teach a class at the George Mason University (GMU) campus in England.  Students and even some professors at the Virginia school are outraged at the new hire, saying it’s like a slap in the face to survivors of sexual assault. Never mind that he will be teaching for just two weeks at a facility thousands of miles away – in Runnymede, England, where the Magna Carta was signed.

“The hiring of Kavanaugh threatens the mental well-being of all survivors on this campus,” one student said during a board meeting.

“It is affecting my mental health knowing that an abuser will be part of our faculty,” another claimed.

Students protested, marching throughout the campus shouting: “Kick Kavanaugh Off Campus!”

A petition by the newly formed group, Mason 4 Survivors, actually calls for the school to terminate his contract, among other demands:

“However, since the announcement of the hiring of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, we have mobilized and are ready to take the necessary action to obtain the following demands:

  1. Terminate AND void ALL contracts and affiliation with Brett Kavanaugh at George Mason University.
  2. Release any and all documents including but not limited to: emails, donor agreements, and contracts related to the hiring of Brett Kavanaugh as faculty at George Mason University. “

At the time of this article, the petition had gained an amazing 4,167 signatures.

Not only are the Kavanaugh-haters asking for him to be fired, they also demand the University launch an investigation to determine the Justice’s innocence or guilt. Apparently, the Supreme Court’s investigation and the many FBI background checks were not enough. Liberty Nation transcribed the Senate Judiciary Report on Justice Kavanaugh, which clearly exonerated him:

“Committee investigators found no verifiable evidence that supported Dr. Ford’s allegations against Justice Kavanaugh. The witnesses that Dr. Ford identified as individuals who could corroborate her allegations failed to do so, and in fact, contradicted her.”

GMU’s Antonin Scalia Law School in England hired Kavanaugh in January to co-teach the class “Creation of the Constitution” during the upcoming summer. At least not all of the Virginia school’s faculty agree with the newest #MeToo group. The university’s president, Angel Cabrera, was incredulous over the demands and said during a board meeting: “He has been confirmed by – this is not a crazy appointment. This is a Supreme Court justice who is going to be teaching about the United States Constitution.” He continued, saying “Having a Supreme Court justice is going to create value for the students. The students, by the way, have agreed. The students have signed up to this class.”

Justice Kavanaugh was lawfully confirmed to the highest court in the land, after his accusers were thoroughly discredited. Yet the students of George Mason University’s Virginia campus refuse to cease in their quest to get him fired, proving them at least half right – their mental health has most certainly suffered.

*About the author: National Correspondent at Kelli Ballard is an author, editor, and publisher. Her writing interests span many genres including a former crime/government reporter, fiction novelist, and playwright. Originally a Central California girl, Kelli now resides in the Seattle area.

Source: This article was published by Liberty Nation

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