US Embassy Attack In Kabul: Clinton Says ‘Necessary Steps’ To Be Taken


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stressed Tuesday that the “cowardly” attack on the US Embassy in Kabul is being followed “very closely” and that “necessary steps” will be taken.

Clinton told reporters that “it appears that a number of Afghan civilians have been hurt, and we, of course, will do all we can to assist them. There are no reports of casualties among Embassy personnel at this time.”

“We are following this very closely, also the unfolding situation in the area, including at NATO-ISAF Headquarters, which, for those of you have been in Kabul, you know is across the street from our Embassy compound,” she added.

Clinton affirmed “we will take all necessary steps not only to ensure the safety of our people, but to secure the area and to ensure that those who perpetrated this attack are dealt with.”

She stressed that the civilians who serve there “are dedicated, brave men and women, committed to advancing our mission. They will not be intimidated by this kind of cowardly attack.”

“While they work hard every day along with their Afghan colleagues to help children go to school, to help save mothers’ lives at childbirth, to build roads, to assist farmers, the opposition of violent extremists, the Taliban and their allies, engage in a constant effort to threaten and to undermine the peace and progress of the Afghan people,” she remarked.

Clinton stressed “we will be vigilant, but we will be continuing with even greater commitment to doing all we can to give the Afghan people, who have suffered so much, a chance at a better future for themselves and their children.”


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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