Libya Attacks May Boost Support For Romney – OpEd


By Reyhan Guner

US Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens and three embassy staff were killed by a rocket attack in the American consulate in Benghazi late Tuesday. An amateur American-made movie that criticizes Islam and the Prophet Mohamed in a highly insulting way was demonstrated as the main reason for the attack. According to the earlier reports, the rocket attack was held by several dozen of gunmen from an Islamist group, namely Ansar al Sharia (Partisans of Sharia). While US President Barack Obama has condemned the attack, Prime Minister of Libya, El Keib has apologized to American administration.

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

USAK Middle East Expert Ali Hussein Bakeer commented on the attack. According to Bakeer, attack portrays that the governments do not have full control over securıty in these countries and it is still an improving concept for the region. Highlighting that this kind of attacks does not reflect the mainstream perspectives of these countries, Bakeer stated that majority of the people are aware of that such kind of attacks are also hurting the image of Islam. People think that reactions should be dealt with in democratic and peaceful ways, not chaotic ways. Bakeer also warned that new calls on protest may be done, but measures taken by two governments may eliminate the protests by taking into consideration the religious sensitiveness of Arab people in the region.

Besides, USAK Security and American Studies Expert Mehmet Yegin commented on rocket attack against American Embassy in Libya. Highlighting that it is not a simple coincidence for rocket attack to be held on 9/11, Yegin underlined the significance and impact of the attack to the American internal affairs and elections that will be realized in November. According to Yegin, the rocket attack may create a negative attitude towards Obama administration whose foreign policies are highly criticized by Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate, as not tough enough. Yegin stated that both Russian invasion of Georgia and the Iran hostage crisis affected the public support in 2008 and 1980 elections. Therefore, this attack may boost popularity of Mitt Romney and Republican Party that envisions a more hawkish foreign policy for United States against Obama and Democratic Party that prefers engagement and multilateralism as foreign policy tools.


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