Spain: Sánchez Calls For Responsibility From Parliamentary Groups To Avoid Fresh Elections


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, advocated the formation of a government “with full powers” so that the legislature can commence, in an appearance in the Lower House of Parliament.

During his speech at the government control session in the Lower House, Pedro Sánchez asked for coherence and responsibility from the MP for the People’s Parliamentary Group, Pablo Casado, in order to avoid fresh elections. “If you don’t want elections, you can abstain and allow a government to be formed in Spain”, he said to him

Along the same lines, the Acting Prime Minister called for the MP for Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera, not to block the formation of a government so that “Parliament is fully empowered” to tackle the situation in Catalonia.

Pedro Sánchez reminded the Spokesperson for the Confederal Group of Unidas Podemos-En Comú Podem-Galicia en Común, Pablo Iglesias, that over the last 15 months his government has advocated social justice, co-existence, a political clean-up, democratic regeneration and the fight against corruption.

After reviewing the proposals made to this parliamentary group since the last elections on 18 April, Pedro Sánchez once again called for reflection and not to take the country to fresh elections. “Don’t do the same as you did back in 2016 and this July by facilitating the stalemate imposed by the right wing, but rather help ensure the formation of a government”.

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