Will Khamenei’s Son Be Crowned With The Supreme Leader’s Turban? – OpEd


Rasa News Agency –in Qom-Iran announced on August 24, 2022, that Mojtaba Khamenei (Khamenei’s son) will teach a course of Foreign Jurisprudence and Principles in the academic year of 2021-2022 and it is open for registration.

But this was not the beginning of the story, it was just an ominous and unpleasant update on an old news. The beginning of the story goes back to the 2005 elections. At that time, Karroubi, whose chance perished in the elections due to the emergence of Ahmadinejad, wrote in a letter to Khamenei: Your Blue-Blooded Son (Mojtaba) interferes in all issues. Khamenei in response conveyed his message that his son is as important as him and Khamenei’s answer gave the news of the road map and a terrifying vision that from now on brick by brick must be laid and blood must be spilled.

Initial stage

In 2015, Khamenei, who saw the bleak prospect of his regime better than anyone else, assumed this heavy project. He knew that he should do this delicately and slowly dress it up officially and make it public. Therefore, he first organized a meeting with the presence of Rafsanjani and the heads of the three branches of the government and the commander of IRGC at the time (Jaafari), Jannati, Yazdi, and Ali Asghar Hejazi, the head of his office. Khamenei stood behind the microphone and said: After me, it will be very difficult for you to interact and have an understanding to choose a leader, so it is better that we take care of this while I am still alive. He then asks the audience to solve this problem in internal meetings. At the end, to guarantee his order he chooses to say: “Majlis must act revolutionary”. After that, the council of experts enters into a complicated situation. But Hashemi Shahroudi, who was the head of the Expediency Council at that time, got the message, paved the way, and said that Mojtaba is a suitable option for this, and Khamenei can gradually provide this process to transfer power to him.

Second stage

In 2020, when news of Khamenei’s illness was published on social media and had no real basis, Abdul Karim Farahani, who is a member of the current Assembly of Experts, said that the enemies should know that god forbid if Khamenei will no longer be with us, thank God, he has raised children, one of whom reached the level of  ijtihad (a condition to become an Ayatollah and have his own followers), and if necessary, with the majority of experts, he will take over the leadership of the Shiites’ world, and the enemies will take the wish of Agha’s absence to their graves.


In the uprising of 2009, people chanted loudly in their protests, “Mojtaba you will die, and will not be the heir to leadership”.

The “Kalemeh” website attributed to Mirhossein Mousavi published an article by him in August, in which he warned about “hereditary leadership succession” in Iran.

Mojtaba’s records

Now Mojtaba is 53 years old. One of his clear records is his friendship with Saeed Emami (notorious security figure responsible for chain assassinations who died in regime’s detention) and cooperation with Qassem Soleimani. In 1986, he went to the war front and one of his honors is participating in the “Eternal Light” operation against the National Liberation Army of Iran. But his records are unclear about where he studied elementary school and where he got his diploma and where did he follow his seminary studies?

He never could have imagined that he would be able to play a role in the politics and decision-making of the country, but now he is at the head of three offices, special operations under the responsibility of Hijazi and the executive management office of Vahid Haqqani and the leadership office of Golpayegani. These three offices are the intelligence, security command and oversaw suppressing the 2017 and 2019 uprising and the subsequent protests.


While Khamenei is preparing to select Mojtaba for leadership, the people’s image is largely negative and say, calling Mojtaba an Ayatollah is a big lie, secondly, it conveys the regime’s helplessness, which had to spend 17 years and shed blood for its preparation. More importantly, isn’t this an insult to the whole apparatus of the Velayat al-Faqih regime?

Hassan Mahmoudi

Hassan Mahmoudi is a human rights advocate and Social Media journalist seeking democracy for Iran and peace for the region.

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