Sri Lanka’s Sirisena Says Institutions To Protect Democracy Shouldn’t Have Political Agendas


Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena said that the institutions such as the CID, FCID and Commission to Inquire Bribery or Corruption were established to build a country that protects independence, democracy and human rights and free of bribery, corruption and malpractices and they should not work with political agendas. He pointed out that if there are problems there are proper ways of dealing with them and the law should be equal to all.

The President made this observation at “Sathviru Sanhinda” ceremony organised to distribute houses and lands at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute today (October 12).

He stated that the members of the Army, Navy and Air Force should not be used as political tools. Those who really love the country and respect national security could not do such a thing, he said.

The President said that he had not allowed any step to be taken to the weakening of the Security Forces. As the President, as well as the Defence Minister, I could not agree with the manner in which the former Defence Secretary and three former Navy Commanders were produced before court.

President Sirisena said that it was not his policy to telephone the courts, interfere with independent commissions or get the release of those who are accused of criminal acts, robbery or rape. “I have become the President to protect democracy and fulfill my obligations for the people of the country,” he said.

As a government, during the last 18 months, I have fulfilled my responsibilities for the Motherland, people of the country and the war heroes, he said. “I am not a man with unnecessary dreams about power and, I am ready to fulfill my responsibilities towards the nation and give up power at any time,” he said.

The ‘Sathviru Sanhinda’ programme has been launched under a concept of President Sirisena to provide houses and lands to members of the security forces. At this function, the house and land deeds were distributed to 138 security force personnel and the President handed over 10 of them. Miniter Daya Gamage, commanders of Tri-Forces and senior members of defence forces were present on this occasion.

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