A Reader Responds – Letter To Editor


Dear Shenali,

This is a response on your article Sri Lanka’s Economic Migrants And Their “Asylum Seeking” Preference For Western Destinations.

Although I really admire the way you write, I am quite disappointed on the message you are sending with this kind of article.

My parents are Tamils and migrated to Europe over 40 years ago, even before the Sri Lankan war started. I was born in Italy and I have also lived few years in Singapore, now I am in Sri Lanka, my Home Country.

In your article you mention about Tamils going to developed countries because of the fear to live in Sri Lanka and according to you this is an excuse.

My question is, if for any reason, you were in belief that is necessary to leave Sri Lanka, would you go to India or Australia? (No need to mention that thousands of refugees are actually already in India and most of the people that tried to cross the sea were killed by either LTTE and Government Forces. The UN reports have hundreds of pages regarding these facts).

Many of my friends in Europe and Singapore, are both Sinhalese and Tamil. I don’t even like to call them in this way, for me we are all Sri Lankans. The most common factor between these two “ethnies”, is that in their documents, it says “REFUGEE”. The Sinhalese and Tamil people that are migrating, for any reason, are just aiming for a decent life, honest work and hopefully a better future for their kids.

These are people that regardless of the language they speak, they work hard the whole week, maintaining the most humble positions in society, adapting themselves in different cultures, respecting the laws, and at weekends, you may see them playing cricket or having a picnic in some gardens all together, happy to see their kids growing in a better place.

You are saying that LTTE are Human Smugglers, I might even agree with you on that, I have never been a fan of them, but why aren’t you mentioning about the corruption in Sri Lanka, why not talking about the Immigration & Emigration Office? As far as I know, these people are not part of LTTE, but they still provided passports to teenagers so that they can go to the Middle East to work, be accused of murder and then executed (see Rizana Nafeek case).

You are a very good writer, please put aside racism and use your skills for a good cause.

We have a good chance to put everything behind us and teach the next generations the value of Peace.

Sri Lanka needs leaders that are able to bring an equality concept, not writers that feed hate and racism.

There has been plenty of them for more than 30 years.



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