Iran: Officials Warn Of Dangerous Dolls From Iraq Containing Explosives


Mehdi Forouzan the governor of Kashmar in Iran’s Khorasan Province has announced the discovery of “a number of booby-trapped dolls” in the city.

The Mehr News Agency reported on Saturday December 12 that the dolls were purchased by Iranian citizens visiting Iraq and were then brought into the country.

“Two of these dolls were submitted to Basij and one to the police, and after they were examined by bomb experts, the explosives were removed and defused,” Forouzan said.

He added that the dolls would have exploded under hard impact or in high temperatures.

Last week, Iranian police warned citizens who had travelled to Iraq for the Arba’en Shia ceremony and bought dolls during their pilgrimage trip that the toys could be “dangerous and suspicious”.

Iran’s security forces say the dolls contain explosives and they urge the purchasers “not to tamper with them and just take them to the police for investigation”.

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