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Clinton, Turkey Foreign Minister Discuss Syria


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met here on Monday Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu during which they discussed a wide range of issues that are of mutual importance.

Following the meeting, Clinton told reporters that Syria was at the “top” of their list of “important matters” discussed.

She stressed that “it is deplorable that the regime has escalated violence in cities across the country, including using artillery and tank fire against innocent civilians.” She said “we stand with the Syrian people and we are looking for a peaceful resolution.”

“The United States strongly supports the efforts of the Arab League as set forth at the conclusion of their meeting in Cairo,” she added.

She affirmed “We look forward to joining the Arab League initiative for the Friends of Syria group,” which will have its first meeting in Tunisia next week.

“We will intensify our diplomatic pressure on the regime to end its campaign of violence. We will strengthen our targeted sanctions, bring the international community together in condemnation of the actions of the Assad regime. We will increase our outreach to opposition both inside and outside of Syria,” Clinton remarked.

“Particularly we will work closely with Turkey and other partners to address the growing humanitarian concerns of those who are suffering,” she noted.

Clinton stressed “we are committed to working to allow the entry of medical supplies, of emergency help to reach those who are wounded and dying. We are increasing our funding to organizations like the Red Crescent, the International Committee for the Red Cross, and we’re working directly with Syrian organizations at the grassroots to help families who have no electricity, food, or clean water.”

The US top diplomat affirmed that “because of the process leading toward Tunisia, we will work closely with Turkey and others to promote a political process.”

Clinton said that “this is essential, and the Syrian people deserve no less than a democratic future free of government oppression, terrorism, and violent extremism.”

For his part, the Turkish Foreign Minister affirmed “we agreed that there should be new humanitarian initiative to reach out to people who are suffering because of the shortage of food, medicine, everywhere in Syria.”

He indicated that he spoke with UN Secretary General of United Nations on Sunday and that they started “as Turkey, an initiative in Human Rights Council in Geneva in the United Nations, how to make this humanitarian access possible.

“Regarding the Tunisia meeting, Davutoglu stressed that it will be “an important international platform to show solidarity with the Syrian people, and to send a strong and clear message to the Syrian regime, that they cannot continue these violent policies.”


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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