Bioterrorism In Kazakhstan? – OpEd


By Gulshat Abdullaeva

In the south part of Kazakhstan in Alma-Ata, on the basis of the “Kazakh Scientific Center for Quarantine and Zoonotic Infections”, there is a US military biological laboratory. It was opened by the Pentagon ($130 million) and is called the Central Reference Laboratory. Its opening in due time has caused protests from the public in Kazakhstan, including a  petition to President N.Nazarbayev. But over the past year, discontent has subsided, despite the fact that information about the activities of virologists within the walls of the secret American laboratory has closed.

Military scientists of the US, under the cover of diplomatic activities, are testing artificially created viruses in Pentagon laboratories in 25 countries (the countries of the former USSR (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Ukraine), the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa) infections from dangerous pathogens and diseases of hundreds of thousands of people. Secret US biological laboratories are funded by the DTRA military agency, a $2.1 billion program. DTRA’s military programs are run by private companies that are not accountable to Congress and therefore can bypass the law due to lack of direct control. The main danger is that private companies work on behalf of the US government under diplomatic cover without direct control and on the part of the host state.

The Pentagon has created a network of similar facilities in 25 countries, under the pretext of preventing biological threats. At these sites, viruses and toxins are spread, which are dangerous for people and agriculture. Meanwhile, Americans openly ignore the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological and Toxin Weapons (BTWC).

Foreign inspectors are denied access to biological laboratories outside the United States. This causes only serious concern of specialists, instead of taking concrete measures to hold such serious violations. It can only be concluded that there are deterrent levers from the West.

Ethnic viruses

Modern achievements and discoveries of the West in the field of biological science and genetics have allowed creating bacteriological and genetic biological weapons capable of exterminating the enemy’s living force, depending on the skin color and a number of other racial traits. Probably, for its purpose, American scientists carefully investigate natural focal diseases in the territories of the CIS countries. Ethnically-oriented viruses were used already at the time of the development of North America by European colonists. Military laboratories on foreign territory give the potential enemy enormous opportunities for “pure” offensive operations. This is much more beneficial than a nuclear attack, since the war at the biological level leaves no trace. But the economy of the affected state can be significantly undermined. After all, only the country-developer of deadly viruses has protective medicines from them.

Viruses through insects

The Pentagon also has experience in using insects to spread infections. According to a partially published report of the US Army in 1981, a series of experiments with insects was carried out as part of the US Biological Weapons Program. In this report, two scenarios are compared: 16 simultaneous attacks of mosquito-like mites type A. Aegupti and aerosol attack with tularemia, as well as an assessment of their economic effectiveness and the number of victims. Only $ 0.29 was needed to destroy 650,000 people.

In 2014, the Lugar Center, built by the Pentagon in Georgia, was equipped with a special plant for breeding insects, through which the Sand Fly project was launched in Georgia and the Caucasus. In 2014-2015 years. The bites of sand flies such as Phlebotomins caused a fever.

Today, the Pentagon has a great interest to the study of Tularemia, also known as the fever of rabbits, which is also equated with biological weapons. Distributors of such a disease can be mites and rodents.

In January 2016, in Kharkov, where one of the Pentagon’s bio laboratories is located, 20 Ukrainian soldiers died from swine flu in just two days, 200 were hospitalized. The government of Ukraine did not report death. By March of the same year, 364 people died of influenza in Ukraine (81.3% of cases were caused by A (H1N1) pdm09, a tention that caused the 2009 swine flu pandemic.

In 2017, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine confirmed 90 new cases, 8 of which – death from poisoning with botulinum toxin, one of the most toxic biological toxins. According to local health authorities, food poisoning is the cause of the epidemic. The police are investigating the causes of mass poisoning.

The Pentagon’s developments do not stand still. Genetic engineering in insects and viruses, which they carry, in the past, today the Pentagon wants to change the genetics of people. DARPA Advanced Tools is working on a project to develop a mammalian genome, aimed at finding a new biological platform in the human body for introducing new genetic information and changing people at the DNA level. DARPA wants to insert a new 47 artificial chromosome into the human cell. Which will carry new genes for use in human genetic modification.

It seems that the generation of “People X” is just around the corner, but you need to take into account the fact that the Pentagon is not a virtue for the countries of the world, and nothing happens from its submission. It is not necessary to perceive the Pentagon as a research institute for good purposes, all the biological experiments that led to the death of many people in different countries can be equated to a war crime.

The invitation of Kazakhstan’s leader N.Nazarbayev to the US showed interest in strengthening bilateral relations with President D.Trump, who once again supported Kazakhstan’s voluntary renunciation of the nuclear arsenal and the creation of a bank of low-enriched uranium by the IAEA on its territory. However, will the guarantees promised to Kazakhstan be respected, if the activities of the foreign partner are uncontrolled in the territory of Kazakhstan, and violations are traced on a number of concluded international documents. It can not be excluded that the Western political vector can change its direction, after that the consequences of all the sounded and secret deals with the alliance will certainly not be long in coming.


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