Sri Lanka Launches Program To Combat Fraud And Corruption


Sri Lanka’s Presidential Secretariat has made arrangements to implement a wide people’s program to combat bribery, corruption, fraud, malpractices and waste in the country.

The program launched under the direct intervention of the President in keeping with an election pledge made during the 2015 Presidential Election, will function under the center for combating corruption, bribery, fraud, malpractices and waste set up at the Presidential Secretariat.

Accordingly, anyone has the freedom to make a complaint at this center against any act of corruption, bribery, fraud, malpractice or waste committed anywhere in the country. The center will take action to bring anyone responsible for such acts before courts within three months of receiving the complaint.

So far 40 complaints have been received at this center and the period of entertaining complaints will end on March 1.

A press conference to create awareness about this program was held at the Government Information Department yesterday. Speaking on the occasion, Co-ordinating Secretary to the President Rajika Kodituwakku said attention would be drawn towards extending the date of entertaining complaints depending on the manner complaints were received.

Anyone can make an anonymous complaint to this center regarding any act of fraud, or corruption committed in a state institution or an individual.

Complaints will be examined through officers of the Presidential Investigations Office to establish their veracity and validity and thereafter forward them to the Attorney General’s Department for legal action. The President will make direct involvement to ensure that quick legal action is taken on such matters.

Co-ordinating Secretary to the President, A. N. R. Ameratunge said this exercise would ensure that people engaged in fraud and corruption are quickly brought to book. The program is aimed to build an extensive political and social culture, empower the administrative system, streamline the legal system and institutions involved in the administration of justice.

He said the President’s sole endeavor is to build a Sri Lanka free of fraud, corruption and waste. Although this center had no legal powers the President would intervene directly to ensure that legal action is taken against culprits involved in such misdeeds.

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