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Spain’s PM Sánchez Assures Ukrainian Refugees Of ‘The Commitment And Solidarity Of Spanish People’


Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced that a plane chartered by the Ministry of Defence would arrive this week with 20 or 30 Ukrainian children suffering from some form of cancer, accompanied by their families.


Sánchez conveyed “the commitment and solidarity of the Spanish people” to the Ukrainian refugees who are in Spain and has guaranteed them that, during the time they are among us, they will be able to feel at home, “with all the rights, permissions and capabilities” to meet their needs.

Sánchez made this assurance during his visit to the Centre for the Care, Reception and Referral of Ukrainian Refugees in Pozuelo de Alarcón, where he was accompanied by the Minister for Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá.

Sánchez assured that the Government of Spain had already prepared all the logistics for the care of the Ukrainian refugees, which, above all, “will be coordinated from three cities with a large representation of the Ukrainian community”, which are Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante, where the three care and first reception centres have been prepared. In this regard, he stressed that “we have approved a plan for the reception and protection of refugees and we have increased the number of places available for them by 12,000”.

In addition to providing them with all the rights and information, Sánchez also pointed out that “all the administrative procedures” to be carried out, including permissions for those who want to work, “will be sped up as much as possible”.

“In short, Spain is going to set an example of solidarity, coordination, collaboration and inter-institutional cooperation,” said Sánchez. He thanked the NGOs and the third sector for the work they do in our country, as the collaboration between public institutions and these actors “means that we can organise solidarity much better and provide more guarantees, more security and more certainty to those who come to our country”, he said.


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