NATO Secretary General: ‘The Longer We Commit, The Sooner Ukraine Can Have Peace’


Defence Ministers met in Brussels on Thursday (13 June 2024) to finalise preparations for NATO’s Washington Summit and discuss support for Ukraine. 

In a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Council, Ukrainian Defence Minister Rustem Umerov briefed Allies on the battlefield situation. Following the meeting, the Secretary General said he expects Allies to agree tomorrow on the plan for NATO security assistance and training to Ukraine. He added that he has also proposed that Allies provide Ukraine at least 40 billion euros in military support each year, for as long as necessary. “The paradox is that the longer we plan, and the longer we commit, the sooner Ukraine can have peace,” he said, underlining that a credible, long-term commitment shows Moscow that they cannot wait out Allied support. 

Ukraine’s future in NATO was also discussed, with Mr Stoltenberg pointing to Allies’ efforts to bring Ukraine “ever closer to NATO membership”. To that end, Allies discussed plans to align Ukraine’s defence and security sectors with NATO standards, and improve its defence procurement. They also endorsed the first-ever NATO-Ukraine Innovation Cooperation Roadmap and are preparing to endorse a NATO-Ukraine Joint Analysis, Training and Education Centre (JATEC) in Poland.

On Friday, Ministers will discuss strengthening NATO’s deterrence and defence, including a new defence industrial pledge to scale up military production. “This is our last Ministerial before the Washington Summit, so we have a lot to get done,” the Secretary General concluded.

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