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I recently llistened to a program of the Radio of the National University of Córdoba, and the announcer refers to something that happened to two direct family members over the weekend , that despite having the regulatory visas required by the US authorities, flew from Argentina to California with a stopover in Dallas, and at that airport they did NOT pass throght to migrations office, they were “being waited” by the border guard and that immediately stopped them, that held them incommunicated , and they went sent back to Argentina.

This immediately reminded me that Argentina that with its current government decided to have a “special” relationship with the USA, named by Juan TOKATLIAN as the: CONCESSIVE PERIPHERAL UNILATERALISM, which obviously is not reflected in equal treatment between citizens of both states.

And this also reminded me that Ezeiza Airport is also under “surveillance” of the FBI as Patricia Bullrich informed us. Perhaps in this hard way we Argentines realize the sad reality of thousands of Latin American immigrants who suffer from the hand of the US authorities.

This Brief Introduction, wants to address something that is generally not spoken in the media or is only mentioned when aberrant acts occur such as the mass crimes committed by US supremacists against minorities -Latinas especially-, that every day that passes are less minorities -as is the case of 58,000,000 Spanish speakers in the USA, and of them ⅔ are born in the same US.

A member of this collective, Dossier Geopolitico, Colonel Carlos Pissolito wrote a few days ago: “Attacks of lonely wolves, border walls, guards, illegal immigration, gangs, drug trafficking, arms trafficking. Is the US on the road to a civil war? ”And that also directed us to an article by Prof. William Lind (Traditionalism in a changing world). Which was translated with the Title: “USA: A new War of Secession?” [1]

Well, Lind’s insights about the current moment of the American “Union” are interesting; he wrote it in April 2019 after a visit to the deep North American south:

Native Americans have come, in many places, to feel strange in their own country…… there is an increasingly strong feeling that we are against them. “We” are the average people who work to live, who follow the rules, who go to church on Sundays and who try to be a good father, mother or a good neighbor…”They” are a mixture of elites who despise average people with blacks and with immigrants who live off the tax payments of American workers, while committing violent crimes and the 1% globalist who enriches himself with the exploitation of the jobs of the average people… …… the strongest thing, in case Trump loses the elections with a left-wing democrat for them, will be: …… ”I do not believe that this result is accepted, not when a radically democratic president of Left begins to open the borders, turning the White House into a chapel for LGBTQ marriages and letting millions of black criminals out of jail while giving them their vote. At that point, there will be a rebellion. 

And so as not to overwhelm the reader, Lind also says, from an Anglo-Saxon white traditionalist posture, Protestant maintains:

The legal heritage of this country is Anglo-Saxon, not Roman. Customary law is very important. The precedent has been established in both cases, in that the annulment is legal and that the federal government has not claimed them for itself. The left has set the precedents, but the right can use them...What would happen if Texas responded to the opening of the borders by sending its National Guard and civilian volunteers to close it again? What would happen if South Carolina rejected federal orders to release prisoners? A Supreme Court in tune with the interpretation instead of creating laws would face conflicting precedents. ”

although this is coming to light in these days because of the crises of repudiable acts such as the crimes committed by white Protestant Anglo-Saxon supremacists of the last days; It is what should lead us to understand this profound change that is happening in American society and that, conversing with Dr. Miguel Barrios, reminded us of the works of Samuel Huntington  (the author of “Clash of Civilizations”) but his last book was: Who are we? The challenges to American identity [2]. And that directly involves Latin Americans and Hispanic speakers.

in which he argues that that they affect the founding Ethos of the American state, which I reiterate is WASP (White, Protestant Anglo-Saxon) “The American identity would be in crisis – according to Huntington – due to the confluence of four factors: the disappearance of the threat that for its national security represented the sovietic Union; the rise of multiculturalist ideologies, which undermine the legitimacy of the common cultural identity; the impact of the third great migratory wave, which began to arrive in the 60s and, unlike the previous ones, was not basically European, but Latin American and Asian, and maintains a much greater contact with its countries of origin; and finally the fact that almost half of the immigrants of this third wave speak the same language, Spanish, which raises the possibility that the US Become bilingual.

And for more information on this issue of the WASP crisis, the New York Times published an article yesterday on August 6:

The terrorism of the white supremacists spreads like the terrorism of the Islamic State [3] in which it is said:

“Many academics specializing in the study of terrorism see worrying similarities between the rise of the Islamic State and that of white nationalist terrorism, which was most recently seen in a massacre in El Paso, Texas. “

The parallels are impressive,” said Will McCants, a leading expert in this academic field. Those similarities have become more noticeable with each new attack. Experts say the similarities are no coincidence. “White nationalist terrorism is taking a chilling journey. similar to that of the jihadism of the Islamic State, so much so that it helps explain why the attacks have suddenly grown in frequency and death“… Max Fisher.

All this should make us reflect and conclude, not in the form of a simplistic reaction to this new reality that occurs in the United States that also occurs in Old Europe.

The first thing that Americans must recognize that the current changes in demography and in American society began with the defeat of the US in Vietnam. Where it is clear the social breakdown by the demographic disproportionate participation speaking of the ordinary military forces: blacks and Latinos in percentages higher than what those minorities represented at the national level, and of the establishments that avoided being incorporated into the ranks as was the case of former President Clinton.

And that they deepened with the subsequent military adventures in the Middle East and Asia where the Latin presence in the ranks of the armed forces increased markedly.

And second of that failed military adventure in Vietnam was that the massive use of narcotics was introduced and socialized in the US (it is always worth remembering that the US with 5% of the world population consumes 80% of the production of drugs including those created in laboratories or design).

It is also correct to say that in the 60s a new wave of migrants began in the United States, especially Latin Americans and Asians, with strong attachment to their cultural and religious traditions and countries of origin, and that they also quickly positioned themselves throughout the fields of the society both socially economically, as intellectually and lately politically.

All these changes could be assimilated into a society that because of a high scientific economic development that contained them all and concealed the differences, the point was that globalization that in principle was not to affect central or first world societies would supposedly allow coexistence and harmonic assimilation.

But something failed… ..the deep crisis also reached the Central Countries and with it jumped the sleeping or hidden crises and the changes that had been installed for good or bad, and then now we have these new phenomena of criminal white terrorism that already they were seen coming because during the two administrations of President Obama in American society the formations of paramilitary groups called themselves as groups were triggered: “patriotic” according to FBI records and US intelligence agencies with strong weapons and quasi-military training [ 4] and [5].

Now these terrorist groups have a place on the dark side of the Internet where they find themselves clustering and preparing to attack mercilessly, as happened with the latest attacks on places of Latinos in the USA. But in addition, as Prof. Lind comments, it goes far beyond simple groups with basic dissatisfactions but seriously questions the Federal State and this demonstrates the seriousness of the times that are also approaching the interior of the United States, perhaps the American decline should not seek it in an advance of the Eurasian powers -important- and more to look for it in a deeper internal crisis than the “experts” and the mainstream media do not comment on but that is present and is deep and serious within the same American society. And that won’t solve it by simply repressing

These are times of subordination for the Americas that are heading towards a 21st century Neo Doctrine by unilateral and voluntary decision of our political leaders … Them… Are they seeing this reality of the USA?

*Carlos Pereyra Mele is director at


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