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India Under The Hindu Supremacist Occupation – OpEd


Under the so-called “Indian democracy” (read illegal occupation), Kashmir has been under abrutal occupation and subjugation by Hindu supremacists. With the internet and other means of communication shut down by the ruling Hindu national supremacists, the state of Kashmir as we know in India doesn’t even exist. The will of people of Kashmir has been systematically subjugated by patriotic Hindus supremacists. 

Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India who has an alleged record of allowing genocidal violence against Muslims in the state of Gujarat where he was the Chief Minister in 2002, unilaterally dissolved Kashmir state. Under Modi’s anti-Muslim rule in Gujarat, Muslims were burned, raped and massacred in thousands, making him more electable as Prime Minister amongst caste-Hindus. The upper-caste Indian Prime Minister, using the age-old Indian unitary authoritarianism, dissolved the Muslim majority Kashmir state and its representatives – without the consent of anybody. The arbitrary move revoked the constitutional Article 370, violatinginternational law and due process. Indian unitary authoritarianism doesn’t allow Indian states- which exists as colonial subjects of India -their free will to elect even their own Governors. Trampling over peoples’ rights doesn’t require any approval from Indian Parliament either as long as its serves agenda of Hindu Supremacism, yet the pundits kept calling India’s rogue governance a democracy. Any legitimate constitutional democracy knows that a change in the constitution -without the will of people- is unlawful, but under the Hindu supremacist logic, ruling against peoples’ consent is has been a “democracy” since 1949. 

Ruling against peoples’ consent is founding principle of Hindu Supremacist governance in India. Hindu Supremacists have a history of justifying and occupying India based on religious supremacist nationalism, in order to deny representative and natural rights of people derogated by the doctrine of caste system. Derogation of individual liberties is not a new phenomenon- it is very constitutional under India’s unitary authoritarianism. The question we must be asking is: what does the Indian constitution say about religious supremacism and separation of Hinduismfrom State? Does the Indian constitution prevents establishing a religious governance to protect individual liberty? The truth as be told is: under the Indian constitution, there is no separation of “religion and state” which would explicitly disqualify Hindu Supremacism and its religious fascism from establishing a governance. To the contrary, under the Indian Constitution, Hindu Supremacism is completely legal and constitutional to form governance; the constitution itself is based on several Hindu laws. In fact, the Supreme court of India in its judgement, justifying establishment of political Hinduism declared Hinduism as a way of life of not just Hindus, but non-Hindus as well. 

The Indian constitution doesn’t uphold any representative rights and natural rights of people at all under political Hinduism. State rights are only nominal. Natural rights have been categorically removed by makers of constitution because rights under the caste system are not inalienable – so yes, rights can be taken away, including right to life which fascist caste-Hindu regimes is India routinely do. Glaringly obvious, the Indian constitution was made a governing document without the consent of people, making it questionable-let alone anillegitimate and undemocratic document itself. 

India is today a fascist Hindu State, masquerading as a democracy. Natural rights don’t existunder Hindu supremacism. Democracy is outlawed. Political Hinduism is legislated where cows have more rights than humans. Judicial protections are non-existent. Subjugation is the political doctrine and violence towards non-Hindus are considered patriotism towards “Bharat Mata,” the Hindu national goddess. Tyranny is patriotism.

Rogue states and constitutions don’t respect democracy, international law, representative rights and natural rights. A near total suppression of political rights, arbitrary imprisonments, genocidal rape and crimes against humanity against Christians, Dalits, Sikhs, and Muslims forms theagenda of building a Hindu Supremacist India- and its very constitutional. 

Harmeet Singh is a contributor to Eurasia Review and a Scientist living in Chicago, IL

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3 thoughts on “India Under The Hindu Supremacist Occupation – OpEd

  • Avatar
    August 16, 2019 at 1:35 pm

    What rubbish from a pseudo-scientist!

    • Avatar
      August 18, 2019 at 4:26 pm

      Dear Mr “raj,”

      Do the Hindu Supremacists respect free will of human beings to decide for themselves who should govern them?

  • Avatar
    August 22, 2019 at 5:30 am

    I thought only shrill adolescent op-eds were only here in the U.S.. I guess they have spread to the rest of the world. America can be a contagion. In respect to your term “Hindu Supremacist”, I just don’t think it will catch on like you want it to. Hinduism is probably the most pluralistic religion on the planet.


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