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Zelenskyy: Terror Must Be Responded With Force At All Levels: On Battlefield, With Sanctions, And Legally – Address


Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians!

Today I took part in the work of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe – outlined the most important things for us in achieving peace and restoring Ukraine and the international legal order after this war.

We also have a powerful response from PACE, which is the first international organization to designate the current regime in Russia as terrorist.

It is very important that this is a political signal. A signal to all states – members of the Council of Europe and all states of the world, that there is nothing to talk about with this terrorist group, which appropriated Russia and unleashed the most heinous war in Europe in 80 years.

Terror must be responded with force at all levels: on the battlefield, with sanctions, and legally

We will create a special tribunal for the crime of Russian aggression against Ukraine and ensure the operation of a special compensation mechanism so that Russia will bear responsibility for this war at the cost of its assets.

I am grateful to all our partners in the Council of Europe who work for justice for Ukraine and our entire continent. I am grateful to our PACE delegation for truly effective work!

I am also grateful to all Ukrainian diplomats and our friends in the world and in the United Nations who helped consolidate the world community of states in such a way that we gained the highest support at the UN General Assembly for the entire time of the Russian terrorist war.

The world sees what is happening. It knows the price of the farce that Russia staged in the occupied territory under the guise of sham referenda. 143 UN member states supported the resolution, which protects the basic principles of the UN Charter and condemns Russia for the criminal attempt to annex our territory. This is a record number of states supporting Ukraine today. But I believe that there will be more.

Four states came out on the side of Russia – this is very eloquent. North Korea, Nicaragua, Belarus and Syria. Such a list that everything is clear.

I am grateful to each of the 143 states!

Today, an important meeting of our team, which deals with the issue of the release of prisoners, took place in the online format with representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross and other international organizations related to this process.

Very important things were said. In particular, those concerning the institutional work of the Red Cross to guarantee the safety of those held in Russian captivity.

I believe that the International Committee of the Red Cross is not a club with privileges where they get paid and enjoy life. The Red Cross has obligations, primarily of a moral nature. The mandate of the Red Cross must be fulfilled. It is necessary to immediately do what is completely logical for the Red Cross.

There is Olenivka. In fact, a concentration camp where our prisoners are kept. Access to them is required, as it was stipulated. The Red Cross can make it happen. But you have to try to make it happen. Ukraine is ready to facilitate this.

The mission of the Red Cross can work on the model of the mission of the IAEA. But this requires leadership. Conscientiousness is required. Understanding who and why created such an institution as the Red Cross is required.

I am grateful to the team that continues to engage in exchanges: Budanov, Yermak, Usov, Maliuk. Today, we managed to return another 20 Ukrainians from captivity. 14 warriors of the army, four warriors of the territorial defense, one national guard and one warrior of the Navy. We are working on getting everyone back!

Our Air Forces continue the battle for Ukrainian skies. As in previous days, I received hourly reports of downed Russian missiles and drones. During the day, 11 missiles were fired, six missiles were shot down in Mykolaiv, Lviv and Dnipropetrovsk regions. Thank you to everyone who fulfills this task!

We urgently restore damaged infrastructure objects.

I also want to celebrate today the warriors of the 5th separate assault regiment of the Ground Forces, the 1st separate battalion of the marines and the battalion of the 4th brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine for their skillful and heroic actions during the defense in the Bakhmut direction.

This direction is still one of the toughest on the front. Thank you to everyone who defends our positions there and inflicts tangible hits on the occupiers.

Now Russia is sending thousands of its mobilized men to the front. They have no significant military training, but their command does not need it at all. They expect that the mobilized Russians will be able to survive in the war for at least a few weeks, then they will die, and then new ones will be sent to the front. But during this time, such use by Russian generals of their people as “cannon fodder” makes it possible to create additional pressure on our defenders.

It’s a tangible pressure. And I am grateful to all our warriors who endure it. I am also grateful to the partners who understand that in such conditions we need an increase in defense assistance. I thank everyone who fights, works and helps to protect Ukraine!

Tomorrow we will definitely celebrate – everyone in their place – one of our most important days. Intercession, Day of Defenders of Ukraine. The holiday of all our warriors – from ancient times to the present, from the Cossacks to the insurgents, from all of them to the warriors of the modern army.

Tomorrow will be the 233rd day of our full-scale defense. And new steps that bring us closer to peace and victory.

We do not relax! We beat the enemy! We follow the safety rules! We listen to the air alarm signal, especially tomorrow!

And we do everything to strengthen Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine

One thought on “Zelenskyy: Terror Must Be Responded With Force At All Levels: On Battlefield, With Sanctions, And Legally – Address

  • October 14, 2022 at 2:17 pm

    Dear Brave Fighter President Zelensky,

    Who is a ‘Terrorist’ and who is not is yet to receive a near correct definition acceptable to the International Community at large. I by no means ‘am backing the Russian President Putin for the invasion of your loving country Ukraine. “Russia in history will remain an Invader whatever the reasons be”. Mr President whom do you blame for the Terrorist attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines and the Crimea Bridge?

    This is what Oliver Stone said in ‘Writers Guild of America’ – 2017; “Remember this: In the 13 wars we’ve started over the last 30 years and the $14 trillion we’ve spent, and the hundreds of thousands of lives that have perished from this earth, remember that it wasn’t one leader but a system, both Republican and Democrat. And call it what you will, military industrial, security, money, media, complex. It’s a system that has been perpetuated under the guise that these are just wars justifiable in the name of our flag that flies so proudly over our lives. Our country has become more prosperous for many but in the name of that wealth we cannot justify our system as a center for the world’s values. But we continue to create such war and chaos in the world. No need to go through the victims, but we know we’ve intervened in more than 100 countries with invasion, regime change, economic chaos. Or hired war, soft power, whatever you want to call it. It’s war of some kind. In the end, it’s become a system leading to the death of this planet and the extinction of us all”. How true even today.
    Mr President with the above backdrop, Will you call the US as a ‘Terrorist State’???? Why is the International Community, the UN,US,NATO,EU,the Allies and You Sir, in particular NOT seeking a peaceful solution to end the war by involving the UN. Wishing for an early end to the war and Ukraine’s prosperity.


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