Iran Lifts Ban On Computer, Mobile Imports


Iran has lifted its recent ban on the import of computers and mobile phones.

ISNA reports that Sasan Khodayi, the head of import and export regulations for the Trade Development Organization of Iran, said on Tuesday November 13: “Registering for the import of laptops and computer equipment is now possible and without restrictions.”

He added, however, that equipment such as mouses and keyboards that are produced domestically are still prohibited.


The Trade Development Organization announced last week that its is slapping 77 luxury goods with an import ban. The list included high-consumption cars, household items, mobiles and computers and their parts, toys and decorative items.

The list also includes cosmetics, musical instruments, microphones and speakers as well as discs and CDs.

Earlier, Mehdi Ghazanfari, the Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, had reported that the annual import of luxury goods into Iran can be valued at $12 billion.

The Trade Development official said the list of banned imports is being reviewed and the final list will be announced on Saturday.

Earlier, the Mehr News Agency had reported that a number of computer importers have gone into bankruptcy following the recent trade ban.

Reports also indicate that with the rapid devaluation of the national currency, retail prices for computers have tripled in recent months.

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