Boris Johnson, Tory Party Win Large Majority In UK Parliament


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a resounding election victory on Friday that will allow him to end three years of political paralysis and take Britain out of the European Union within weeks.

Boris Johnson will return to Downing Street with a big majority after the Conservatives swept aside Labour in its traditional heartlands.

With just a handful of seats left to declare in the general election, the BBC has forecast a Tory majority of 78.

Johnson said it would give him a mandate to “get Brexit done” and take the UK out of the EU next month.

Jeremy Corbyn said Labour had a “very disappointing night” and he would not fight a future election.

The Brexit divorce represents Britain’s biggest political and economic gamble since World War Two, cutting the world’s fifth largest economy adrift from the vast trading bloc and testing the integrity of the United Kingdom.

In the meantime, US President Donald Trump was quick to congratulate Johnson, Reuters reported.

“Britain and the United States will now be free to strike a massive new Trade Deal after BREXIT. This deal has the potential to be far bigger and more lucrative than any deal that could be made with the EU,” Trump wrote on Twitter “Celebrate Boris!”

Educated at the country’s most elite school and known for his bombastic rhetoric, the 55-year-old Johnson should now be able to lead Britain out of the EU by January 31, the current deadline, but will face the complex task of negotiating his country’s future relationship with the bloc.

A divisive figure seen by many opponents as a populist charlatan who played fast and loose with the facts and made unrealistic promises, Johnson may struggle to reunite a divided nation.

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