Encouraging Stories From The Peripheries And The Center – OpEd


There are a number of stories that how some individuals have changed or are changing the lives of the people around them in various sectors by doing something extraordinary selflessly. History is full of such individuals who contribute to their society without any kickbacks, vested interests or some other forms of greediness. Social work is a kind of work that gives satisfaction to the person who takes up the mantle of giving back to society. Pakistani are famous for doing wonders in contributing to society for a long but people who live in the peripheries are often highlighted in the mainstream media which is why they do not come to the front. This piece of work is based on the wonders of the people living in the peripheries and universities of this country.   

The first story is of Mr Zaib Ur Rahman and Mr Munawar Shah who are ex-students of the University of Buner. They have been trying to assess the downtrodden people of the society who cannot afford purchasing their own vehicles for taking their emergency patients to hospitals. The gentlemen have established their own team of social workers in their village Matwani (District Buner). The team raises funds, especially from overseas Pakistani who are the only source of their income for doing social work. The “Refahi Committee” with the help of the gentlemen have purchased two ambulances so far which is a good omen for the residents of the area. “The team has a lot to do shortly, but it is an encouraging step for the time being “said one of the members. The team deserves immense respect and appreciation. There is a lot to learn for the people living in the area that how a team of young is changing lives and bringing smiles to many faces and saving precious lives.

 The second story is the story of the faculty and administrative members of the University of Buner who have been contributing to a noble cause by educating and assisting the poor and less privileged students from their meagre salaries. Unfortunately, the story has not been brought to the spotlight by any local or mainstream media. The financial contributors are doing wonders in their own capacity who must be appreciated it. It is an honour for university of Buner that it has been blessed with such members who have hearts made of diamonds. 

Let us Pay Tribute the Unsung Heroes of the Time 

Another story is of an ex-student of the University of Buner named Mr Shah Jehan, who with the help of other faculty members and relatives, recently purchased three expensive water coolers for the Govt Primary School Elai, located at district Buner. These donors won the hearts of the kids of the area as drinking normal water in scorching heat becomes impossible. Mr. Jehan did what his name demanded.  

The next story is of a medical doctor named Dr Shahzad Khan from district Buner who gifted more than a hundred expensive fiction and non-fiction books in the recent past to the central library of the University of Buner. The doctor is fond of reading and donating books to the people around him. His efforts are bearing fruits. He has also established a library in his village for the bookworms which shows his spirit and zeal. This is how an individual is doing wonders in the peripheries of Pakistan. 

The next story is from the heart of Pakistan where Dr Anwar Shah from Quaid-i-Azam University has been assisting students financially. His “Roshni Trust” is a well-known trust here in the capital. The trust reaches out to the less-privileged students of the top ranked university (QAU Islamabad) who cannot afford the heavy fees and accommodations of the university. This trust also provides loans to students in their difficult times. The contributors’ and donors’ names must be written with golden words on pages of history.

These fascinating and encouraging stories have no end on this fertile land so there is story after story. The next story is the story of the students of QAU who have been teaching to street children here on the campus free of cost. The families of these children cannot afford to send their children to schools so, in their second or free time they are taught by the students of Quaid-i-Azam University.  These students are changing the lives of hundreds of families which will one day bear fruit. 

Fazal Haq, is an MPhil scholar who is pursuing his degree at Area Study Centre for Africa, North and South America, Quaid I Azam University Islamabad. He can be reached at F.haq307mail.com

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