Iran: Airbus Delivered To Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport


A delegation from Iran’s government gathered at the Mehrabad Airport to celebrate the arrival of the first Airbus A321, part of a deal brokered by President Rohani that was signed with the European air industry giant, reports Iranian press.

According to Mehr News, the heads of Iran Air and head of Airbus were onboard the Airbus A321, which departed from the southern city of Toulouse, France

Airbus CEO Fabrice Brégier told the press on Wednesday that the company would provide Iran with 98 planes, claiming that “the deal is approved by the US Treasury and according to latest international standards of trade,” according to Mehr News.

The deal to renew Iran’s antiquated air fleet will reportedly improve the passenger capacity to 50,000 seats, with 20,000 jobs directly created by the renewal, reported Mehr News, adding that Iran will only pay 15 percent of the total price, with 85 percent financed by foreign creditors.

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