US And New Accusations Against Iran – OpEd


By Hassan Hanizadeh

Washington has claimed that Iranian and Hezbollah forces are aiding Syria’s security forces in suppressing the uprising of the Syrian people.

On the other hand, Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled al Kaim similarly accused Hezbollah to fighting alongside Libya’s revolutionaries in Benghazi.

The accusations of the US and regional dictators against Iran and Hezbollah have increased since popular uprisings have begun in the region.

But these accusations are different based on the situation of the countries, the structure of their government and the US’s long-term interests.

During uprising in Bahrain, although Bahraini people had legitimate demands such as other Arab nations, the US and the West sided with the government and took a stand against Bahraini people because of the island’s demographic situation.

The US and some of the Persian Gulf littoral states claimed that Bahraini Shias are under the influence of Iran’s Islamic Revolution.

This is while like the Egyptian and Tunisian nation, Bahraini people have legitimate demands which could be evaluated within the framework of the country’s Constitution.

This is why contrary to its claims of democracy and supporting popular uprisings, the US gave Saudi forces permission to suppress the uprising of Bahraini people.

During the events after Iran’s 2009 presidential election, the western and Saudi Arabia’s media tried to insinuate that Hezbollah was aiding Iran’s security forces.

But due to the vigilance of the Iranian people and their trust in Hezbollah, this propaganda ploy could not create a gap between Iranian and Lebanese nations.

Now that Syrian people are demonstrating to voice their legitimate demands, the US, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, former Syrian vice-president Abdul Halim Khaddam and the March 14 alliance led by Saad Hariri have planted their elements among Syrian people to distort the image of protesters and create a distance between people and the government.

Hariri’s elements, Saudi and Jordanian Salafis are trying to turn the demonstration of Syrian people violent based on US and Saudi policies.

Therefore Syria’s security forces arrested hundreds of armed forces connected to the March 14 alliance and Saudi and Jordanian Salafis alongside with advanced military equipments.

The US and Saudi Arabia’s objective is to overthrow the Syrian government, cut Tehran-Damascus-Beirut axis and eliminate the Islamic resistance from Lebanon’s military equations.

The March 14 alliance led by Saad Hariri could not eliminate Hezbollah through political activity after Hezbollah’s victory in Lebanon’s 33-day war with Israel.

There is no doubt that there is a relation between the March 14 alliance sabotaging the establishment of national unity government and preventing Najib Mikati from forming a government and Syria’s deadly events.

Syria’s government officials recently published documents confirming that one of the influential March 14 figures, Saudi Arabia and Abdul Halim Khaddam have provided the Salafi Friday Prayers leaders and communities in Syria with thousands of weapons and tens of millions of dollars in cash to create turmoil in the country.

The nature of conflicts in Syria is very different from those of other Arab countries.

During the clashes in Syria, a number of terrorist groups trained in Jordan open fire on protesters and ordinary civilians from buildings where they have hidden.

After the deaths of a number of Syrian people, US, Western and Saudi media outlets, in a coordinated and organized move, blame these assassinations on government forces.

The propaganda work by the media for the anti-resistance front culminated when the US Wall Street Journal newspaper claimed that Iran’s security forces and elements affiliated with Hezbollah, alongside with Syrian government forces, are involved in repressing poplar protests in the country.

This is aimed at making the ordinary Syrians pessimistic toward the Iranian government and Lebanon’s Islamic resistance through false media advertisement.

Among the strange instances of such contradictory advertisements is that the Libyan government has recently claimed that Hezbollah forces are fighting together with the revolutionaries against Gaddafi loyalists in the city of Benghazi.

Such elusive propaganda might affect the public opinion in the short run but the Western media outlets, the US and some Arab states will lose their credibility in the eye of readers and viewers.

The Syrian government will definitely offer new evidence on the intervention by the US, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the March 14 alliance in the near future and these documents will lay bare the plot by these powers against Syria’s sovereignty and its national unity.

These documents will show that the US and the West’s regarding of the regional people’s demands is purely political and based on self-interests.

When the rulers in some Arab and Muslim countries in the region are far from US policies, the United States pretends to be a staunch supporter of democracy and civilian rule.

An instance of this behavioral paradox and different decisions by US leaders is visible in Libya and Bahrain.

In Libya, as Gaddafi is no longer a usable piece for the US and the West, NATO deployed its air and naval troops to Libya to confront Gaddafi’s forces.

In Bahrain, as the al-Khalifa royal family are the guardian of US interests in the Persian Gulf region, upon a request from Bahraini rulers and with US consent, Saudi forces entered the island to crack down on Bahraini people.

This behavioral and political paradox will cause the people in the region, Shias in particular, to further hate US leaders in the future while it will further strengthen the foothold of extremist and anti-US groups more than ever before.

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