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Pakistan: Setting The Stage For Cult Politics – OpEd


Fighting the war of accountability with his opponents, Imran Khan lost all his ambitions. When Imran Khan assumed office as PM, it was expected from him that he would strive to take a deep dive for re solving the critical economic, social, and political issues. After winning the elections, PTI had the chance to deliver the slogans chanted by them in their manifesto. They gained majority but not enough to form a government. Therefore, it was decided to take pot luck and gather support from other political parties for a coalition government, mostly those who were criticized by PTI itself. Later, that decision proved to be detrimental for the ousted government as the coalition parties changed sides with the opposition on No Confidence Motion. 


The foreign conspiracy mantra by PTI has been transformed into the slogans of ‘Azadi March’ (freedom march) against the so-called ‘Imported Hakomat’ (imported government) that would be damaging not only for the national economy but also for the international image of Pakistan. The analysis of IK’s politics revolves around promises to bring a change and then taking a sharp U-turn from it. If you know you will be governing a state, which is high on debt, struggling economy, and unstable political environment, why would you lie to bring a swift change in just 90 days? Starting from his flawed economic policies to his weak political decisions and devastating foreign policy, he must be blamed for damaging his own image.

The moment opposition members proposed the idea of No Confidence Motion against Imran Khan, PTI instigated the agenda of cult politics as part of its political maneuvers. He has propagated that Pro-Khan/PTI people are ‘patriots’, and those against him are traitors. On the other hand, prestigious institutions working for the national interest, in his words, are ‘mere animals’.

The herd instinct, reluctance to admit past mistakes, or continued attachment to some utopic vision keeps the cultist followers away from being receptive to logic and evidence and leave their cult leader for his wrongdoing. This is what we are witnessing with PTI and its followers. Even the national interest is not part of the priority list. The only aim is to reinstate Imran Khan as the Prime Minister and then what? The same old notion of making promises and taking U-turns.

As a cult leader, Imran Khan also inspired violence amidst many and hatred amongst almost all who followed him closely. His ministers have tweeted out extremely obnoxious and hateful comments on many issues. The institutions have been maligned, politicians have been targeted, journalists degraded, and social media users abused by his followers and ministers.

IK has inculcated in his followers that all other leaders are money-hungry cheats and American stooges and he with his shortcomings, is clean as a whistle. Chasing money is not his priority but it is Khan’s insatiable lust for power that makes him truly dangerous for this country. While money fattens individuals, absolute power brings catastrophe.


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