The OFCOM Sitcom – OpEd


By Michael T Mortimor esq.

The mighty British broadcasting regulator OFCOM, despite being powerless to examine the content and accuracy of state funded BBC programs, only technical aspects of the programs, has judged Press TV to have breached its rules by airing a ten second extract from an interview with Iran-born Canadian Journalist Maziar Bahari while he was still in detention.

Zakari: Not allowed to check the BBC content? Only technical aspects? Is that not… Double standards?

Minachem: Why, yes, of course. That is the BBC, this is foreign, not even an ally, Press TV of Iran, no less.

This should not be shocking when the British are involved, they do not play fair, other than when cricket is involved. Nevertheless, they do excel at eloquent explanations and flowery commemorative speeches on beaches in praise of battles long gone, lost or won, never justifying, just explaining their actions in perfect keeping with Hasbara, an Israeli form of propaganda.

Propaganda strives to highlight the positive aspects of one side of a conflict, Hasbara seeks to explain actions, whether or not they are justified.

Uri: Come off it, who is going to challenge an official sounding ruling that they do not understand due to the semantics of Hasbara? Do not fret Minachem; I tell you, we have our talons in the commons. …

In an article published on January 16, 2011, British journalist and broadcaster Lauren Booth charted Britain’s efforts to assist the US in blocking the company that sells documentaries and television series to the Iranian news network with an identical name.

Booth, who is former British Premier Tony Blair’s sister-in-law, reiterated that the Israeli-backed pressure began when the company started its activities four years ago, as part of an effort to “use OFCOM as some kind of offshoot Hasbara body.”

The OFCOM board of directors is mostly composed of former BBC and Channel 4 employees. New board members are ‘ proposed ‘to OFCOM by the BBC, which then approves the candidates.

Sacha: Very independent, isn’t it Ariel? Just like Bavaria.

The establishment of OFCOM in 2003 brought five different British media regulators together making, manipulation of regulations and rulings far more manageable.

A quick look at senior decision makers at OFCOM demonstrates that the regulator is mostly made up of former Channel 4 and BBC executives, some of whom are well connected to and influenced by powerful pro-Zionist politicians.

Colette Bowe, the 63-year old OFCOM chairperson, is reportedly paid £200,000 a year to coordinate the body’s different committees. Bowe enjoyed the exclusive support of Peter Mandelson, the main economic planner of the Labour party who, perchance, is Jewish.

Minachem: Now, remember David, they must all say the same thing and plan for the prosperity and financial betterment of the land of Zion. As long as it takes, we are with you, for a percentage of the profits, of course Cozzette.

Millie Banerjee, reappointed to the Board of OFCOM in October 2007 after having served a five-year term, held a non-executive post in Channel 4 between 2000 and 2002.

Uri: She did our bidding so well it was propitious for her to serve another term in the same capacity.

Tim Gardam, appointed to the OFCOM board on January 1, 2008, is a 25-year broadcasting sector veteran with a career that began at the BBC.

Gardam is currently a member of Content Board and chair of OFCOM’s Nations committee, a member of the DTT Allocation Committee and a member of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee.

The money man, the awards man the contents as well as nomination? Isn’t it unusual to have so many positions?

Come of it! OFCOM is to check standards independently then give rulings in accordance with policy and in a timely manner, preferably, not before checking all the ‘Facts’ to make sure they fit the verdict.

Sykes: Isn’t that illegal, public misinformation or at least unethical?

Smithers: No, Lauren my dear, just expediting matters according to the polite perpetrators of politics and diplomacy. Besides, the commoners should not bother themselves with such issues, which are way above their heads anyway.

A cursory look through Wikipedia’s entry for OFCOM is most revealing is it not?

The first chairperson of OFCOM was David Currie, Dean of Cass Business School at City University and a life peer under the title Lord Currie of Marylebone. The first chief executive was Stephen Carter, Baron Carter of Barnes, formerly a senior executive of JWT UK and NTL and now Minister for Communications, Technology and Broadcasting.

It would appear that the former BBC employed directors of OFCOM have been most fortunate in their ability to receive honors from the state. Honors for favors, comes to mind somehow, does it not? It did after all happen during The Right Honorable Anthony Charles Lynton Blair’s tenure at No 10 Downing Street.

So is it any wonder that the powers that be, as we can see, are all flustered and stressed over the Iranian state-funded-government-rotunded English language Press TV penetrating there domestic market? Informing the good people of’ England’s green and pleasant land’, that things are not always what they seem, by way of documentaries and reports which give an alternative picture of events, especially concerning British domestic policy.

Rule Britannia, Britannia.., Oh, sorry, Murdoch rules the waves.

Press TV

Press TV is a state funded news network owned by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). Its headquarters are located in Tehran, Iran and seeks to counter a western view on news.

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