Syria: Assad Orders New Constitution In Four Months


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad signed a decree to draft a new constitution within four months to meet the opposition’s prime demand, the SANA news agency said on Saturday.

Syria has been rocked with protests against the al-Assad regime for seven months. The authorities used force to quash the riots. The UN said 3,000 people have died while the government said the death toll was half as many.

A special constitutional committee will be set to work on the draft. The committee will include representatives of the opposition namely Qadri Jamil, member of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation. His delegation visited Moscow last week.

Muhamed Buheitan, deputy general secretary of the ruling Baath Party, said the new draft constitution would have to be approved by two thirds of the parliament and then put for vote at a national referendum.

Ria Novosti

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One thought on “Syria: Assad Orders New Constitution In Four Months

  • October 16, 2011 at 12:52 am

    What this criminal (still call himself a president) wants is to just stay in power and at any price.
    Changing constitution just to siut him and his criminal family again.
    How we can trust a gang-leader, who killed, killed and continue killing the same people, who he claims that they love him.


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