Iran: Twelve Azari Activists Sentenced To 888 Lashes And 15 Years In Prison


The Ardabil Criminal Court sentenced twelve Azari activists to a total of 15 years of prison and 888 lashes yesterday in northwestern Iran.

According to the Human Rights News Agency, the twelve men were identified as Mostafa, Morteza and  Mojtaba Parvin, Mohammad and Sajad Jolani Ojagh, Hossein Balakhani Issalou, Hamed Heidari Baris, Parviz Siyabi Garjan, Sobhan Bakhshi, Mehdi Houshmand, Bahman Kheirjou, and Asgar Akbarzadeh Khezrabadi.

The 102nd Branch of the Ardabil Criminal Court sentenced each man to 14 months and 32 days of prison, and 74 lashes. The twelve men were charged with “revolt against law enforcement officers while on duty”, and “disturbing public order”.

The hearing for their charges was held on September 26. Their initial trial was held on September 20.

More than 100 “offenses” are punishable by flogging under Iranian law. The offenses include theft, assault, vandalism, defamation, and fraud. They also cover acts that should not be criminalized, such as adultery, intimate relationships between unmarried men and women, “breach of public morals” and consensual same-sex sexual relations.

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