Saudi FM Discusses Gaza Situation With China’s Wang Yi


Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Faisal bin Farhan spoke on the phone on Saturday with Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi, Saudi Press Agency reported.

During the call, they discussed the latest developments in the situation in Gaza and its surroundings, and the international efforts made in this regard.

They emphasized the importance of stopping all forms of targeting civilians and the commitment of all conflicting parties to the international humanitarian law.

Prince Faisal urged China, in its capacity as a permanent member of the Security Council, to work towards ensuring that the Council fulfills its responsibility of maintaining international peace and security.

He called for an immediate cessation of military operations and lifting the siege on Gaza.

He stressed the importance of implementing the Council’s resolutions on the Palestinian issue, including Resolutions No. 242 (1967), No. 338 (1973), No. 1515 (2003), and No. 2334 (2016). These resolutions, he said, provide a just and sustainable solution to the Palestinian issue as per relevant international references.

Arab News

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