OIC General Secretariat Renews Call For Syria To Stop Violence


The General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) reiterated its call Monday for Syrian authorities to embrace peaceful means, implement its reform promises, and put an end to violence against civilians in a bid to spare the country the risk of having the crisis internationalized with all the grave ramifications that might arise if that ever happens for peace and security in Syria and for the rest of the region.

The General Secretariat equally welcomed the efforts deployed by the League of Arab States to contain the unraveling crisis in Syria. It expressed its readiness to support all efforts seeking to work out a peaceful solution to the crisis in order to ensure the security and stability of Syria as well as respond to the legitimate demands of the Syrian people. In this context, the OIC General Secretariat is conducting consultations to convene a meeting of the OIC Executive Committee at the ministerial level.

Relatedly, the General Secretariat expressed its condemnation of the attacks against the premises of the embassies and diplomatic missions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the State of Qatar, the Republic of Turkey and other foreign embassies in Syria. It urged the Syrian authorities to duly carry out its responsibilities for the protection of foreign diplomatic missions in compliance with international law.

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