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South-East Europe On Edge Of Civilization: Why We Should Not Ask US For Help – Essay


The first reason, above all, is because the International community, including the USA and EU, has made this paralyzed state possible.

But, to be more precise this article will be more focused on the essay published by the distinguished author Rodolfo Toe from Balkan insight, which focused on a few issues (I do accept that those are among the major ones, but…) within the problems related to current Bosnia and Herzegovina society.

But, as I have said, We cannot solve the problem by solving the consequences. The causes should be solved about which I have been writing within Eurasia Review for almost the last two years.

So, let us focus on the following, as the main causes:

  • Nobody can be elected if he/she is not part of the constitutive people (Serb, Muslim-Bosniak, Croat) of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Remember the story of Sejdić/Finci
  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country with a population of 3,791,662, you have one state (Bosnia and Herzegovina) with a Presidency (three members – guess who?), Council of Ministries and a Chairman of that; Parliament and House of Peoples, two entities (Federation of BiH and Republic of Srpska) with their Parliaments, President of each entity and Prime-Minister for each, and Ministries within each entity (16 ministries for FBiH and 16 for Republika Srpska). Also, there is one District – Brčko District with its own Government. And here does not finish everything: Within Federation BiH there are ten cantons with their own Governments and 143 municipalities (79 in Federation BiH and 64 in republic of Srpska).

So, please count and you will see that each one of us, the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, until the end of his life might be at least be a Minister or Member of municipal council. Who then will do the all work?

For sure, not those 58% who are the current unemployed young people and up to 44% of unemployed in general in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The letter from my distinguished colleagues from SEESOX (South East European Studies at Oxford) published on 14.11.2015. in Eurasia Review is good to be realized within an already properly shaped up country heading towards democracy. But here? Nothing before we unpack the Dayton Accord and pack it again, using consensuality of the citizens and not of the nations. I respect that letter and agree with it, but…

If we continue to ask the leaders of the nations how to do it we will never do it.

If we decide to establish the state which will serve the citizens and not the nations, we will have that above mentioned as democratic state.

How we will do that?

Simple as it is:

  1.  Start with Lustration through the listening the sound of the future and not of the past.
  2. Continue with Education through the listening the sound of the future and not of the past.
  3. Finish with the establishment of the society in which will worth to exist on the bases of your work and knowledge and not on the basis of membership of the party (does not matter left and/or right in BiH) and ignorance.

The essay of distinguish colleague Rodolfo Toe is good for a presentation of thoughts and good for small push, but will it help us, over here in Bosnia and Herzegovina? I have doubts. Why? Let me ask just one question: Were the all changes that has been made in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the Dayton Peace Accord back in 1995 accepted willingly by politicians? The answer is again, simple – No, and it was imposed by the International community.

Is there a solution? Again, unpack and re-pack the Dayton Accord, because even the war was better back in 1992-1995. Back then we at least all knew against who we were fighting. Today, we don’t. Sorry, we do, but we cannot. Why? The answer to this is known by the International community, together with our nationalistic leaders.

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Prof. Dr. Sabahudin Hadzialic

Prof. Dr. Sabahudin Hadzialic was born in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe. He is a member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Association of Writers (Sarajevo, BiH), Croatian writers association Herzeg Bosnia (Mostar, BiH), Association of writers Serbia (Belgrad, Serbia), Association of writers of Montenegro (Podgorica, Montenegro) and Journalists Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Association of independent intellectuals "Circle 99", Sarajevo and Ambassador of POETAS del MUNDO in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is Freelance Editor in Chief of the electronic and print magazine DIOGEN pro culture (2009 -) and Editor in Chief of E–magazine MaxMinus (2010-2014) from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has the status of the Self-sustained artist in the Canton of Sarajevo since Jan. 1, 2009. As of Jan. 1, 2013 he has a status of Distinguish self-sustained artist in Canton of Sarajevo by the Decision of the Minister of Culture and Sport of the Canton. He writes scientific papers, poetry and prose with the editing and reviewing books of other authors. He has published 24 books of poetry and prose (stories, aphorisms, stage plays, novels), essays and textbooks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, France, USA, Italy, and Switzerland. He has a doctoral (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) scientific title in Media and Communications and he has Dr. Honoris Causa title as well. He taught and teach, as the professor, in Poland, Lithuania, and Italy. He is the member of International boards of several scientific and cultural magazines in BiH and internationally. So far he published more than 70 scientific papers in national and international scientific journals. He is an author of scientific papers, articles, and bibliography and review articles published in domestic and foreign magazines. He has participated in numerous international and national scientific conferences. His poems, short stories, stage plays, novel and aphorisms have been published in journals in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, England, Ireland, Spain, Kosovo, Italy, China, Estonia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Turkey, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Iran, Austria, Malta Estonia, Germany, Greece, Albania, Romania, India and USA. His poetry and prose were translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Arabian, Polish, Estonian, Albanian, Maltesian, Bulgarian, Persian, Chinese and Romanian. He was the co-owner of the first private newspaper in Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (as part of former Yugoslavia) titled "POTEZ", Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina back in 1990. WWW:

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