Ecuador Passes ‘Identity Law’


An “identity law” that will allow citizens to change their names or eliminate a part, though only once in a lifetime, was passed by Ecuador’s parliament, controlled by the ruling Alianza País party, with 77 votes, 2 contrary, 20 abstentions and a blank ballot on a total of 137 legislators.

The new law, “Ley Orgánica de Gestión de la Identidad y Datos Civiles”, will also allow citizens to decide the order of their maternal or paternal surnames alongside their first names: these will be certified by a new identity card to be issued within two years.

“The law in force, dated 1976, contrasts with the 2008 Constitution and, especially concerning rights with some discriminatory dispositions”, said the promoter of the bill, Richard Calderón of the Alianza País.


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