EU Most Wanted Drug Trafficker Arrested In Bosnia And Herzegovina


Law enforcement authorities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, supported by Europol, arrested a fugitive featured on the EU Most Wanted list. The suspect, who held nationalities from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, was the alleged leader of an international organised criminal group involved in cocaine and heroin trafficking into the European Union, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. 

According to Europol, the arrested individual was wanted by Slovenian authorities and was under investigation for drug trafficking and money laundering. Authorities believe the suspect recruited accomplices and provided them with vehicles with purpose-built hidden compartments in order to transport and sell cocaine and heroin. They would then launder the profits by purchasing real estate and luxury vehicles. During the operational activities, law enforcement authorities seized drugs, firearms and ammunition, phones, vehicles, electronic equipment and over EUR 120 000 in cash.

Europol supported the operational activities, facilitated the exchange of information, and provided an intelligence package and analytical support. On the action day, Europol provided remote support to crosscheck operational information in real time. 

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