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Libya: Gaddafi Promises Amnesty, Benghazi Gripped In Fear


“Within 48 hours everything will be finished”, said Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s son Seif al-Islam, as government forces continue to advance in direction of Benghazi, the main city of Cyrenaica under control of the rebel front.

The fears of a dramatic twist to the crisis that began last month is confirmed also by MISNA sources in Benghazi, who in updating the current situation also speak of a sense of wide uncertainty regarding the future.

Gaddafi’s forces last night seized back control of Ajdabiya, just 80km west of Benghazi.


Fighting and victims were reported today also in Misurata, further east, where the rebels are continuing to resist.

Generally the people are aware that the anti-government front is unable to match the military superiority of Gaddafi’s forces.

In an interview with Euronews, Seif al-Islam said “our forces are almost in Benghazi” and anyone who disarms will be granted amnesty.

Little is moving on an international level. A meeting should be held in the next days between representatives of the European Union, Arab League and African Union.

An outside intervention, with the possible creation of a no fly zone, however remains hypothetical. This was confirmed also today by Italy’s Foreign minister Franco Frattini, saying that the international community “cannot undertake military action”.

If Gaddafi should remain in power, added the minister, it would be an advantage mainly for China – a country that during the crisis did not expose itself on a political level and already has strong economic interests in Libya.

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