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How Supreme Court’s Decision On PTI Foreign Conspiracy Mantra Will Strengthen Democracy In Pakistan – OpEd


The exacerbated political hitch in Pakistan with a bursting blame game is unveiling new realities with time. The fake agendas are being uncovered and the malicious political aspirations are becoming more clear. In the most recent judicial judgement, the honorable Supreme court of Pakistan busted the foreign conspiracy mantra by taking winds out of PTI’s illusionary sails. In April, 2022, Imran Khan was removed as the Prime of Pakistan through a  democratic & constitutional process but he alleged it to be a regime change operation against him. A larger bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan gave the ruling that has buried PTI’s claim of regime change operation forever. According to the verdict;


“The reservation on the part of the NSC to recommend stronger measures against the alleged foreign conspiracy probably reflects the inadequacy of the material for taking more assertive action. This perhaps also explains the lackluster response by the PCNS and the members of the treasury in their respective meetings and sitting of 31.03.2022.” The decision of SCP on the cypher stated that; “However, despite receiving the cypher on 07.03.2022 the information conveyed in it was neither investigated by the Government nor were its contents alluded to during the sittings of the NA on 28.03.2022 and 31.03.2022. Also the allegations levelled against the members of the opposition parties were not put to them.” It was clearly stated by the honorable court that the previous government of PTI didn’t pursue any inquiry commission on the alleged foreign conspiracy under Pakistan Commission of Inquiry Act 2017 (“2017 Act”) due to the lack of available evidence. The PTI leadership have rested its entire defense of national security and claims of ‘blatant foreign interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan’ solely on the cypher.

Another important part of the judgement aimed to strengthen the democracy was to hold accountable those who hijacked the democratic process of NCM in the National Assembly through unconstitutional means. The order said; “the exercise of authority under the constitution is a sacred trust and can only be exercised through chosen representatives of the people. However, this sacred trust was violated amongst others by the President, PM, the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker and the Law Minister as the elected representatives of the people were prevented from voting on the resolution and for such blatant transgression of the Constitution there must be consequences and law must take its course.” The court ruled that Article 5 which mandates obedience to the constitution was cited to violate the Constitution. Moreover, according to the ruling the acts aforementioned attract Article 6 of the Constitution and it is to be decided by the Parliamentarians as to whether they leave open doors for such unconstitutional acts. The court ordered for such a mess to stop in future.  

The judgement has clearly refuted the claims and allegations of the PTI leadership as it also asks to stop the political slander in future. Furthermore, those who abrogated the constitutional boundaries must be investigated and punished to set an example. The ruling was made through a defined legal prism and has strengthened the essence of democracy in Pakistan. Such actions that induce unconstitutional means to resort to personal interest must come to an end and those who are responsible to instigate these acts must be made an example in the larger interest of the country and strengthening democratic roots in Pakistan

Humais Sheikh is an independent Defence Analyst based in Islamabad. He has completed his Masters in Defence and Strategic Studies from Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad.


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