Iraq: ISIS Attack Leaves Baghdad Without Water


 Baghdad is out of water. The western part of the city has been cut off from the overall water network.

This is because of a terror attack by the Islamic State on an electricity pylon that powered a pumping station according to an AFP report. The western part of Baghdad houses several million people and are now without water during scorching summer heat.

The attack was carried out on Friday with the pylon supplying the Tamiya pumping station.

The country is already facing sever power shortage and the ISIS attacks have been increasing since the beginning of summer.

In 2017 the Iraqi government stated it achieved victory of ISIS but sleeper cells continue in the country; the Iraqi army is involved in frequent “mopping up” operations.

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One thought on “Iraq: ISIS Attack Leaves Baghdad Without Water

  • August 16, 2021 at 11:33 am

    This will continue forever, until we get a new set of thieving crooks in government… It’s either the “Sunni Block” or “Shia Block” that’s unhappy about how much money is allocated to their thieving representatives, so they get their gangs out to destabilise the country…

    As for the people, well, they can go whistle for it, because nobody cares about the people, when all politicians are dual nationals… Baghdad is burning with no water or electricity, fine – the Green Zone has plenty of water & electricity 24/7 and so has their adopted countries, where they stashed the stolen millions…


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