Iran’s Regime Is On The ‘Path Of No Return’ – OpEd


We are approaching the anniversary of the Iranian uprising in 2022, which began on September 16, following the killing of Mahsa (Gina) Amini by the morality police in Tehran. Since the Iranian regime expects the uprisings to flare up again, it has taken measures to counter them.

On July 16, the spokesperson of the regime’s State Security Forces announced the deployment of morality police patrols. The return of this repressive patrol force to the streets and the unexpected resistance of women against them caused controversy inside the regime.

Ahmed Reza Radan, who was appointed as the commander of the SSF on January 7, 2023, has all the characteristics of a brutal oppressor that can run this repressive force .

On Thursday, July 20, in response to the wave of popular outrage and women’s resistance against this patrol, he said: “Everyone should know that this mission is irreversible.” In other words, framing women’s clothing as a security issue indicates how important this “mission” is.

On July 15, reporting on the expenses incurred for the compulsory hijab, Borna news agency quoted the Secretary of the Working Group on Social Harms of Women and Family of the regime as saying, “According to reports, last year’s budget for psychological war that was allocated for media aiming to create effective stimuli in people’s minds, equated to 150 times of one-year budget of Iran.”

On July 15, Hossein Salami, the Commander-in-Chief of the IRGC, threatened, “We will obliterate the opposition and protesters, but we salvage the wrongdoers that need our help.”

Kazem Seddiqi, one of the senior figures in the regime’s religious hierarchy, was more concerned about hijab’s dilemma than the stifling costs of living. This misogynist clergyman says the regime has been saved by “invisible hands” sees those who do not adhere to the regime’s hijab code as a threat to the regime, and says that security will be guaranteed through “turbans, chadors, and religious ceremonies.” Of course, the invisible hands that Seddiqi refers to is nothing but the very visible apparatus of oppression that the people of Iran, especially the women, have felt for 44 years.

But if one thing is for sure, it is that the oppressive regime is losing ground to the people with every passing day. As the regime switches tactics to intimidate the people and prevents protests, the rebellious youth of Iran adjust themselves and continue to push forward for democratic regime change in their country.

This article was published by PMOI/MEK

Mahin Horri

Mahin Horri writes for the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

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